Cancel D4 & Remaster D2 (Legit Reasoning)

The best thing Blizzard can do for this franchise, to save it, is to cancel Diablo IV and remaster Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. Get the game running smooth from the app, have an effective system in place to deal with bots, eliminate jsp from the game and create an effective trading forum/system.

Once you’ve done this, hire on the D2 remaster team and have the entire D4 team play Diablo 2 LoD Remastered on bnet full time for a full ladder season. Do something to your account names to let us know you’re in our games playing with us so we can interact with you and teach you how we play the game. Especially play with self found / in game traders. When the season finishes, then begin discussing how you’re going to return the franchise to it’s Diablo 2 roots.

D2 players don’t want D4 to be a rebuilt D3 with D2 character names, which is exactly what you’re doing. You claim to be returning to D2 roots, but none of the devs are masters of D2, likely not even good at the game and you’re only asking for input from D3 streamers and gamers, which whom most know next to nothing about high level D2 game play. D2 is 12.25 years older than D3 and there are more players playing D2 in it’s various states (single player, bnet, lan, mods) than D3.

Make a sticky in the Diablo II forum asking for the current D2 player base to share their ideas and opinions. Do the same thing in the Diablo I forum. These forums may seem dead, but if you show you actually care, they will light up like a Christmas tree with 1000s of different posters.

Diabloiinet, a single player D2 forum and d2jsp, a bnet D2 forum are very active forums and they are not talking about D4, because almost the entire current D2 player base is not happy at all with the direction you’re going, which is the 6 skill, cool down, crappy gear, next to no trading D3 model.

Edit: Also pay attention to the very strict single player trading rules on diabloiinet


First, they won’t. Second, people are giving way too much flack for that game. I watched the game play and people are saying it isn’t going to be any good. I feel like it’s a love child of D2, D3 and PoE. Personally, I also don’t really like the whole 6 skill bar, but it has the skill tree (no respec without a specific item) currently doesn’t look like there’s going to be some insane numbers and no roflrolling the game.

I’m very interested in the game and I like the fact that it’s going to be more of an MMO. Just the fact that it is an MMO/Dungeon Crawler makes it better. It gives much more reason to balance the game properly. Currently not seeing the entire scope of the game, but I hope they do add some more versatility to the skill trees. As long as it doesn’t go the way of D3 or WoW, I’ll be happy.

Sure, D2 should be remastered, but not so much that they should halt an obviously promising project.


Would millions of people pay $60 for a remastered Diablo 2? I Don’t think they will and Blizzard probably doesn’t either.


A minimum of 5 million would.


If you can make that case make it to Blizzard. They may listen.


That is why I want them to read this post and make a sticky in the D2 forum. D2jsp forum has almost 1 million members and currently 4500 are on it right now. How many people do you think are on this forum right now or at any given time? 50 to 100?


And let me guess, 3500 of them are bots and/or item sellers?


I hate bots and jsp, and though jsp doesn’t allow bot talk on their site there is something to be said about the number of players trading, though it isn’t really trading. I am sure Discord has far more active D2 players but I can’t find those figures. Diabloiinet has 2400 single player users online right now, and who knows how many players are playing on the various mods.

You forget to say Blizzard I COMMAND YOU! Seriosly the things you have to read these days, your 20 year old game IS DEAD? I like D3 more, and YES i play D2 too, they are both DEAD, get over with, accept it, no one is going to change anything just because “your million base d2 players community” its not happy.


LOL and go backwards to that Trash , um no thanks . I for one would like to move forward not hang out in David Breviks One Hit Wonder


D1, D2 and LoD doesn’t make for a one hit wonder, they are also not games made by 1 person, they were a team of up to 20 key people.

Arguably, D2 LoD is the best and defining ARPG of all time. Next would be D1 and then PoE. There is a reason Blizzard want’s to return to it’s D2 roots, it’s because D2 is the best game in the franchise. Their failure is in not knowing why it’s the best game.


Personally I’d rather play either Diablo 1 or 3 than 2. Diablo 1 is straightforward with picking a warrior, rogue, or sorcerer playing accordingly in classic dungeon crawl. Diablo 3 on the other hand is pretty fluid and I can change it up on go depending on how things go. Diablo 2 character creation feels like a homework assignment.


D2 and LoD are masters degrees in engineering! D3 is a homework assignment with all the answers in the back of a high school text book. Different games for different cognitive types i guess.


Using a complement in an attempt to insult is moronic.


Please don’t.

They’ll screw it up just like they screwed up Warcraft 3.

Well, based on my own past interactions with him, Keyblade IS a moron so there you go…


A remaster of Diablo 2 would involve completely rewriting the game… Lets face it, the game is OLD; outdated graphics, outdated netcode, everything is just old, plain and simple.

Now, lets say they do remake Diablo 2 to give it a nice fresh glow and new game feel. How many do you really think would want to play it? The die hards? As a die hard myself, I question why pay full price for a game that I’ve already played? Another thing, a complete remake will undoubtedly ruin the original experience the game was intended to deliver 20 years ago.

Diablo 2 was and still is a great game. Sure the bots have all but destroyed play on Leave the game alone, let her go in peace.


Personally I’d let GOG have Diablo 2 so they can get it working seamlessly on modern systems.

LOL , this from the guy who cant move out of the 90s and thinks that Blizzard should make there games OFFLINE so he can bot and play D3 is 50 years time cause he doesnt know how to move on hahahah ok

insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Much like your please make OFFLINE repetitive requests even AFTER being given your answer time and time again buy various different sources.

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Best decade, period. Except for Clinton.

They should.

What? Why would I bot when offline? Why would I bot, period? You’re showing even more tinfoil than people think I have.

Considering in 50 years time, if current trends remain the same, all games that will be out are completely craptastic? Yeah, you’re double damn right I don’t want to move on from the games I actually like.

And I don’t give a damn about your sycophantic, fanboyish answers. I care about changing Blizzard’s mind.


Then go and play D2 and stop complaining. You bought a license to play D3 you signed up for it agreeing to the EULA. Dont expect special consideration when you agreed to what you got. Just because appearently your internet is held together with string and you have in game dramas doesnt mean the rest of us should suffer some OFFLINE piracy fill garbage