Can we get an offical response about an offline mode from the community manager

There has been two (I think?) developer posts so far. And the “ongoing communication” doesn’t mean a Q&A of most popular threads every week. It means that you’ll have a few dev posts a year with some updates about the process - not even direct responses to the user questions.

You are silly, how many times does someone need to tell you not to play in the street, or you might get hit by a car, before you believe them? :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1:


Some of them won’t.
But MANY of them will. You’d be mistaken that there aren’t people who are able to buy the thing, but prefer to get it for free instead because there’re no apparent ramifications.

Are you sure you aren’t one of those “braindead kids” you like to talk so much about?


Why are you calling kids brain dead? They’re kids and don’t know how the world works yet.

Hope there is never an offline mode.
The less opportunities to hack the better the game will be.


When the game has an online mode you have no worries about hacks or duped items. In D3 the only duped items came from the RMAH through DDOS attacks on the servers much like how they do in WoW when they need to make more spectral tigers.

They are leaving it up in hopes the people who keep making the same posts will just put them all in that one bucket. The vast majority of that thread is bickering and tons of it is off topic. Why, Because there is nothing that has not already been said.

The people who want offline mode have their own views that are not changing.

The people who understand why DRM exists are not changing. Note that some who understand why DRM exists, still want offline.

The people who want online only, or don’t care, are not changing.

That horse was beaten into the ground back in 2011 before D3 release, and every year since.

Does Blizz really need to say “Yes, we see the thread.”? Does that get you anything? Of course they see it, just like they have heard the arguments for a decade.

They said it at Blizzcon. D4 will be an online only game. If that stance changes, they will put it in one of the D4 Developer Blogs.


While I can’t deny piracy is a rampant issue, I would debate your statistics but not in this thread, we have another offline thread currently going.
Tldr, piracy downloads are inflated by poorly made cracks, re-cracks to combat updates to DRM, and several other reasons.

Yes they do and have open communication with the people that purchase their products. An easy way to help alleviate some of this stress is to guarantee that the hardcore crowd of which I am apart of won’t be subject to server lag and ddos attacks when playing with a friend. If you play solo on D3 you can pause the game if you’re lagging some but you can’t do that in a party which is another reason why D3 has been so bad to the hardcore community.

Just give us an offline option so we can play without worrying about blizzard servers catching fire,ddos attacks and the like. We shouldn’t have to be connected to their servers to move around and play a game WE PAID FOR.

They openly told you D4 would be online only at Blizzcon with millions of people watching world wide.

They openly told you D4 communications would be via quarterly Blog posts from the Dev team.

You seem to expect something besides what they bluntly told you that you would get.


Then they should just make a public announcement that they will not be looking into an offline mode and leave it at that. I can guarantee you that most people weren’t watching the panel at blizzcon and only saw the announcement trailer.

From blizzard stealing 500k from WoW e-sports to the blitzchung thing people have been far less supporting of blizzard and most likely didn’t bother watching blizzcon at all because of it.


Did we not already receive 3 blog posts after Blizzcon? 1 from LB, and 2 from DK.

They already did, at Blizzcon (several times) now you need to deal with it. Did you even watch any of the panels. They do not need to explain everything to you. Most people have the intellect to comprehend it the first time.


Where? I didn’t see the blogpost or anything about their reasoning for it.

Having worked in game developement, and having talked to sales departments that actually make real gain/loss estimations - piracy takes out A TON of profit.

Even if it isn’t 50%. Even if it’s closer to 20% less profit. Even if 10%. Do you really think that a company like Blizzard would be glad to lose this much just to make a few of you happy? Provided that they KNOW that 99% of you offline-activists will still buy their game even if you say otherwise?

How many hundreds of millions of Dollars did Diablo 3 earn? Do you think even 1% of that sum is worth for Blizzard to give you offline?
And piracy is WAY more than 1% loss.

Sort of. We have not gotten the first Quaterterly Update yet. That is planned for February 2020.

The first item was a letter from the Game Director discussing Blizzcon fan reactions to D4. I mentioned that the main update would be in Feb, but that item and stat discussions were a very hot topic so they would be addressing it before the Feb planned update.

Then they did Part 1 and Part 2 of the item and stat blogs.

We can expect the next batch of information to be released around the February time frame mentioned in the first letter.

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I still think they can come up with an encrypted key to have an offline mode for paying customers. I’ve stated before I’m fine with a token system for limited offline play that’s separate from the online mode.

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I know, so why is he complaining about communication ? He/she is just trolling.

Gentle reminder: you paid for a license to play the game. You don’t own it.


That’s the problem with D3 that we don’t want to see happen again with Diablo 4. We want blizzard to get in the business of selling games again and not licenses.

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