Can we get an offical response about an offline mode from the community manager

The aspect of the community that wants an offline mode would like a response from the Community Manager. We would like to get a response so we can put our energy elsewhere into giving feedback about the next entry in the series. At the very least let’s start a line of communication about an offline mode with the Community Manager to work together as a community to make the next Diablo the best it can be.

This issue is extremely important and needs to be addressed in a meaningful way so we can move on to other issues for the future of the franchise such as unrestricted trading,mod support and 8 player parties.


You could already assume: No
It seems pretty set in stone


They were pretty clear about it. You guys just keep hoping for a “yes.”


You don’t need a response from the CM when you already got one from the Developers at BlizzCon.


Offline mode means the server part will be given off within client files. Not going to ever happen.


There should never be a offline mode. Ever.

Need proof? Just see the console leaderboards. Hacked character files and items everywhere.


Offline mode = over 50% of potential buyers will pirate it = less profit = worse expansions/support/next game.

And for what?
To make all 5 of you without good internet who would still legit buy it and not torrent it - happy?

There WAS an OFFICIAL response ALREADY.
If you keep asking the answer will not change.
There will NOT be an offline mode for PC. For consoles - maybe, just like with D3. Console online features are a separate thing entirely and follow different rules.

For PC? No chance.


An official no from the lead game designer wasn’t enough?


everything was already answered.

no offline mode
restricted trading (end game gear is bound on pick up)
no mod support
4 players


They know this. But because it’s not what they wanna hear, they cant get over it. I dont understand this mentality.


It’s a mentality that little kids have. As in, if they whine long enough and plead hard enough - the parents may bend in and buy that toy.


It’s more a mentality of wanting bad things to change, instead of doing it your way of just bending over.


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Again they have never given an official response since blizzcon where they quickly tried to sweep the idea under the rug. The section of the community that wants an offline mode have never once got an official response since blizzcon. It’s not a hard thing to do to start a dialog with the Community Manager and devs. Being transparent does a lot to encourage good will with the fans.

I personally think they quickly tried to sweep it under the rug at blizzcon to avoid annoying fans once again since Blizzard have been hemorrhaging goodwill with their fans. What is the number one topic being discussed ad nauseam? Requesting for an offline mode. If you guys didn’t like arguing so much and would make a counter argument thread we could compare the popularity of the two idea’s but you guys refuse to do it because you know that no one liked error 37 nor do they like the idea of not owning their game. As for the leaderboards just look at the PC version to see nothing but botters at the top and you’d have to delude yourself if you don’t think they’re botting.

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Very true, some people just do not want to listen.

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You did at Blizzcon in that the game is a shared online world. Seriously if you guys cannot understand that, that’s on you.


They haven’t tried to sweep anything anywhere. You choose not to believe the obvious and hope for something that won’t happen because the words no offline mode have not been said.

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Blizzard will tell you something like this:
Thank you Danteu for your encouragement and ideas for D4, but at this time (or since we learned tragically from offline D2,) Blizzard will never make an offline mode for a major PC game because it enables cheating, duping - gold and gear and other ways to make money for 3rd party sites and individuals etc.

Paul Taulborg or screen name “njaguar” that created D2jsp has made millions of dollars from selling and reselling D2 gear with his created online currency “fg”.
People give him $100 real dollars in exchange for about “120 fg” that you can buy gear from any game supported.

He originally started out with one of the first D2 bots in 2002.

Log into Diablo 2, create bnet toon, find me a person with hacked items. On official bnet servers, not open ones.

Cheating is duping and duping is cheating. Offline doesn’t enable this in an online environment. Flaws in the code and poor security does.

D3 is online only and cheating is still going on.

Uhh, what. Nice history lesson but trading is what you would be after here, not offline mode.

Where did you get these numbers from, is it just a guess?

Too bad Blizzard isn’t protecting their poor PC to console port, mind you shortly after the initial console releases, Diablo 3 development was cancelled. Diablos security on the console, is only as strong as the consoles security. Break the security, break most games.

That’s false, just an assumption. Online can be protected in the same exact manor as it is now(warden), there would just be an offline mode available.
Piracy would be easier, but there are other ways to defend against this. Online DRM is taxing on the consumer and the producer.

That can be completely played from start to finish in a private solo online environment… So the shared world isn’t mandatory. The game is tuned for a single player.
It’s not to much to ask that the online requirement be turned into an option/choice.

We have a thread open on this topic already, it’s probably best if we keep it over there. The devs see what’s up, but this decision most likely isn’t there’s to make.


According to them it is. They want players to experience a world where others exist in. Even if some may want to be alone and play by themselves.