Can we get an offical response about an offline mode from the community manager

Once again the OP will be flooding that did not see what everyone saw.

No offline mode, it’s over.


Pre-made software has never been sold. Only licensed.


All I’m saying is if they officially acknowledged that we want an offline mode and I’d drop it. All I’m asking for is communication and feedback from the massive thread on this topic. I don’t like beating a dead horse and I don’t think anyone else does either. It’s why that thread has devolved into ad hominem attacks and bickering.

Speak for yourself, not for “the community” which can live very well with always online.

hahahaha - dream on

There is a demo of the latest Diablo game, where you can play up to the first boss.


Trust me, they are very aware that some players want things.

They know some players want offline mode.

They know some players want more robust PvP

They know some players want totally unrestricted trade

They know some players want a LOT more stash space

They also know there are a whole lot of players who have opposite views.

Players usually have some valid reasons they want those things even, but at the end of the day it is the game maker who decides what features the product has.

Then it is up to us to decide if we want to to buy that game (or online access to that game).


Diablo 3 was never pirated right? Makes your post kind of pointless.

I spoke for the part of the community that wants an offline mode. I thought I made that clear and yet here you are.

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I think that’s the most important thing to retain from these topics. I think those still on those subjects should move on, unless they actually have something really new to offer (and not just a rebuttal to a point someone else is making, because both sides are brick walls at this point).
What is really annoying though, is when either side of this discussion tries to pass the other side as having absolutely no point of value. The other thread is plagued with it.

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You just want to argue, don’t you? Seems like you will not be satisfied until the dev team drives to your house, knocks on the door and hands you a notarized letter stating that D4 is going to be online only. Give it a rest.

Then just address these concerns instead of pretending the elephant in the room doesn’t exist. It would do loads of good for their PR. Just have a blog post addressing peoples concerns and what they think of the matter that way we can quit discussing it and move on.

CM please wright a letter to OP telling him/her that D4 will not support OLM. Sign it in blood have it notarized, file it with the Clerk & Recorder. Drive to his/her home and personally give it to him/her, just make sure that you record everything, just incase he/she later says that no one told them.


I dont understand your argument.
Why is the video of Blizzcon insufficient proof?

The question was asked.
The answer was given.

No offline mode.

Because we’ve discussed it in the biggest and most popular forum thread about it. All im asking is to give an official response on the topic so I can quit caring. Either A. they changed their mind or B. They’re not budging.

Either way just make an official reply so I can quit caring about not wanting to lag.

Hey, don’t throw stash space in with the other controversial stuff! :-o
There may be people who say they don’t need more space, but hardly anybody who said more stash would be bad for the game.

Why is the Q&A at Blizzcon not sufficient?

Or do you want a blue to answer you personally? (Hint: they won’t. And, if they do, you may not like it)

Because we’ve discussed the pros and cons of it for months and would like an official reply as to whether they’ve changed their minds or not. We don’t know if they’ve read the feedback and changed their minds or not. I’d personally like closure on the topic and to focus on other things.

Why is the Blizzcon Q&A not considered “an official response”?


Because that wasn’t prior to the announcement that was during the announcement. They have had plenty of time to reflect on their thoughts and the feedback from the community. So an official reply is warranted and would settle the debate on the topic. They can give their reasoning for it and we can all move on.

We already did, you are the one that is stuck.

Most people: Mother what are we having for lunch today? Mother, hotdogs.

OP: Mother what are we having for lunch today? Mother, hotdogs.

OP: Are you sure? Do you want some time to think about it? Don’t you need my feedback first?
Can you put it in writing for me?

Mother: Hotdogs. :hotdog: :hotdog: :hotdog: :hotdog: :hotdog: :hotdog:


Players have discussed the pros and cons for YEARS. When it comes to Diablo, they have discussed it since at least 2011 when it was revealed it would be online only.

The conversation, and reasoning, has not changed in 10 years.

A thread full of concrete opinions that are not going to change, that devolves into trolling, personal attacks, and off topic nonsense - is not going to change anything.

There is NOTHING new in that thread that would cause Blizz to reconsider.

If by some miracle they do, it will be in one of the formal Diablo 4 Blog posts about game plans. It won’t be here on the D3 forums.