Broken crown does not proc

On Follower the Broken crown does not proc.
I put a green gem inside.

Maybe you could find an answer here :point_down:


OK thanks for the answer

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Also bear in mind that in Season 25 your hero isn’t going to have a non-legendary gem in their helm, because they’ll be using a soul shard (which are legendary, and not gems) so there’s nothing for the crown to cause extra drops of.

they should redesign the bc on follower so their gem procs it so we can use whatever. or just leave an amethyst in there and convert them to what you need.

For season 25, the gem proc should be off the follower’s … or the Broken Crown will be completely worthless with Shards … or proc all gems would be even nicer

Doubtful you will need the Soul Shard when farming. Put your desired gem in helm when doing reg rifts or vaults, replace with soul shard when pushing…

Slight inconvenience, but life isn’t perfect.