Bring back proper ultrawide support in D2 Resurrected

Omfg you people… You just don’t wanna get it… With an ultra widescreen you can kill people in PvP that don’t use ultra widescreen before they can even see you… And unless they can make a fix for that they will have to limit your view to the same as everyone else got. And yeah you may not do PvP and that sucks for you but that is why they have to do this… If they didn’t do this online Diablo 2 would basically only be played by people with ultra widescreen setups… You think that is good? (seriously)


I give approx zero f***s about pvp, what I was really looking forward to is a remaster of a game I loved 20 odd years ago (and have replayed again and again since) Whilst the black bars are not deal breaking for me it is a massive shame I can’t enjoy the game to its fullest by using all of my monitor

By all means take the suggestion of a pvp flag that will add the black bars in for if PVP is enabled to keep things “fair” but please don’t force PVE people to suffer.


PvP in Diablo 2 is not a niche…

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Yeah well though love… but that is sadly how it looks.

And another thing they would have program the entire game for 21:9 and people playing “normal” resolutions would then be attacked by monsters off screen… they are remastering an old game it is not a new game with ultra intelligent AI… Sucks for you guys with 21:9 but Diablo 2 simply was not made for those kinds of resolutions… ultimately they could make a Diablo 2 remaster for ultra widescreen resolutions but i doubt it would be worth it for them.

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You know in the technical Alpha Ultra widescreen was fine right? the black bars have been placed over each end of ultrawide screen, there is no technical limitation here but a design choice which they need to come up with a better solution


You where playing single player… There are no better solution in multiplayer… i am totally cool with you playing single player in 21:9

There are better solutions, pvp flag system is one that was suggested above, you don’t have that flag on you cannot pvp, can only be toggled on in a town, I want to be able to share D2R with friends, allowing it in private games would be fine as well. Tonnes of ways to get both groups what they want, however there is absolutly no reason to punish those of use with ultra wide screen in the name of “fairness”

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All resolutions should be properly supported, no exceptions. Removing support for ultrawide resolutions when it was already working feels awful. I don’t care about pvp, this is a pve game. If pvp truly was the reason to remove support then they should take a step back and have a hard look at the type of game D2 is.


I don’t hate you guys for owning a 21:9 screen and i would love for their to be an easy fix… but there just isn’t atm in multiplayer… Not hating on anyone here just trying to tell why you got limited view.

It is working in single player because there are no PvP in single player… please try to understand the difference.

You have been told numerous times that there is is an easy fix but you won’t actually explain why you believe there is no easy fix.

Answer me this
Why can Ultrawide not be enabled in private games between friends?
Why can pvp in open games not be a toggleable selection that can only be enabled in a base town?


Because it is multiplayer… (online) and they don’t have a fix. There are no other answer… I am not a game designer but that is obviously why they have to disable it (limit it) and you really should be able to understand that. Not gonna write here anymore :slight_smile: I think i wrote enough.

Yea you have not been able to provide any decent reason to the questions above. Fixes are mentioned above and would be simple to implement (wow pvp toggle)
I understand plenty on why they have done it but it is the wrong decision to make.


Just have it as some sort of game option when you create a game. I don’t give a crap about PVP and I’m sure the vast majority of people out there are the same.

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Also this sets a horrible premise, expect the same bull when they add PVP to diablo 4. There are so many ways to implement this in a correct and fair way they are just too lazy to implement it. Instead a blanked crop on ultrawide is what they decided to go with even though the game obviously supports it. Usually its the other way around where the dev has to go through hoops to get ultrawide to work, here they intentionally broke it lol.


Wasn’t the issue with ultrawide (aside from pvp) that the coding for monsters meant that they wouldn’t move or react to being attacked on the edge of an ultra wide. I’m sure I saw it in a video from alpha).


Really looked forward to play this in ultrawide, what a shame they removed it.

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If this is the reason then all they have to do is come out and say we couldn’t figure out how to fix the game so we put black bars in. Instead of just surprising everyone who preordered based off of the support they saw in the alpha version with a sudden lack of support.


It would be absolutely fundamentally ridiculous to have Diablo 3 and 4 in Ultrawide but not for D2. Please clarify what’s happening here, Blizz.

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