Bring back proper ultrawide support in D2 Resurrected

Why are you asking here then? Send a message to them and ask for a refund. If such things were gonna make you not want play why would you buy a pre order? Especially if you aren’t competitive there is zero reason to buy it till it’s out and people tell u what it is.

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You do realize it was supported on Alpha? Cuz I’d like an official reply.


Something supported in single player, is not the same as multiplayer.

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I’m very disappointed that ultrawide isn’t supported. False promise?


This is actually disgusting. Please stop actively removing features that you promised us in the past.

There is no reason for non-ultrawide support in 2021. This change only hurts your playerbase. Minimal gain (arguable, plenty of data from cs:go and league pointing to not being a gain) in advantage isn’t worth sabotaging your player base and their monitors.


Please. Bring back proper ultrawide support. It was promised when it was announced and was implemented in alpha.
The great PVP community of this game certainly will find a solution to this dilemma.


You are totally right ARTPOP but they do not seem to understand that is why it is disabled :slight_smile:

Actually, dev’s have confirmed support for 21:9 at least, but they seemed to have backtracked on it.

D2R widescreen support ? 21:9 Or 32:9?: Diablo (

Has absolutely nothing to do with “single player” the engine supports it, they went out of their way to throw a black bar on top of RENDERED content, yes you get a FPS hit with black bars on, it’s really a disgusting implementation.


Cs is no where near what diablo 2 is, and no one said they removed it, alpha was single player this is multiplayer.

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And they are supporting 21:9 they just put black bars so you can’t get any advantage over people not using ultra wide screens… your screen still works and you can play.

Was very suprised to have letterboxing on my 21:9. Unfair advantage is just blabla on PC platform. Hardware is so fragmented… It is also an unfair advantage to have a 200hz monitor, so you want all modern PVP games to restrict it to 60? It is unfair if you use a mechanical keyboard if your opponent doesnt and so on.

And even if… the PVP community in D2 was always a niche.

Please add widescreen support, I instantly regretted pre purchase as soon as I got ingame.


No it is not just bla bla… It’s a fact and if you don’t like to be on the same playing field as anyone else i suggest you ask for a refund?

And they are supporting 21:9 they just put black bars so you can’t get any advantage over people not using ultra wide screens… your screen still works and you can play.

lol so they could say they supported 16:9 and just added black bars?

Please don’t be ridiculous.

120 fps, and being able to see 2 teleports further are no where near a good comparison. Higher fps give such a minor advantage, we are talking ms difference. What your talking about is some one can kill me before I even know they are there.


I am simply stating the facts… And that you don’t like the facts doesn’t make me ridiculous…

No facts, you’re being disingenuous (or ridiculous), supporting a resolution doesn’t mean adding black bars as we can obviously see with 4:3 to 16:9, you wanna say it’s unfair sure, that’s your opinion, but saying this is “support” its indeed ridiculous.

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Very sad to see the devs taking a step backwards on this issue. Why add the Black Bars at the edges of the screen?
That’s basically the same as having no ultrawide support.


This isn’t a subjective matter. Objectively, anything on PC could be considered an advantage: faster CPU, higher hertz monitor, brightness levels of a monitor, 200 USD 20K DPI gaming mouse, mechanical keyboards that come with macro buttons, your internet bandwidth, etc. Heck, you could go as far as what kind of chair and desk you’re using.


Cancelling preorder, this looks dumb on my 3440x1440.


@Dizzy As the OP stated in his first post, if the devs feel it is absolutely neccessary for PvP, then they can just add the bars when PVP is enabled for this niche. So I dont know why you are complaining about his thread?

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