Bring back locus swarm on Gargatuans

Witch Doc’s third sanctified power. The new patch added three zombie dogs, and buff the damage after sacrifice.


But please let Gargantuans and Zombie dogs spread Locus Swarm like the previous version did because otherwise the new change is killing a very fun build - the speedy pet locus swarm build - which is very effective as a 100+ speed farmer and T16 rift farmer.

Wudijo has a video about it.

Please add the Locus Swarm back, and let it benefit from pet gem (Enforcer).


Bring it back and make it proc ROE. That or remove ROE and buff everything across the board by 200-300% except for fetish stuff.

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I was tempted to go Witch Doctor because of the Gargantuan Locust Swarm power. Looked like a fun speed farming build. And maybe if it had worked with RoE, maybe it could’ve even done more.

Bummed they tossed that power.

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i was ok with how it was working it just wasnt proc’ing roe and quetzlcoatl. Now you have to manually spam it and rotate it in with wall of death and pirahnas now. Too clunky

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I’m hyped for WD too because of the Locus Swarm build. I hope they add it back.

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It only had to apply the procs of RoE and Qetz. Whose big idea was this? Clunky Fing mess. Garg swarm atleast was somewhat smoother. WDs have always been clunky AF, and Garg swarm helped. This rework is just plain :poop:.


Garg swarm could barely do t16 in a solo game. I’m not sure why anyone would want to trade more powerful options for another speed build other than the fact that it’s uber lazy. WD has fast farming builds already. If anything needs changed, the horrify aura needs to be larger or affected by pickup radius.

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I don’t know if I can agree with that. Some, yes, but then we have a season like this one where some of the strongest builds will involve Strafe or Whirlwind and those can be some pretty damn lazy builds if a player wants to make them that way.

It could have been more than a T16 farmer if RoE and Qetz work. How lazy, it would only depend on the player.


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D3 is full of lazy builds. If you don’t find breezing through the rifts in speed, killing monsters, is fun, then this game is not for you.

Save us all some time and actually read the conversation next time. I’ll give you a hint, I might have already mentioned this. I’ll give you a second hint, I might have even mentioned two skills that could be used in a lazy build.

I might have even made the point that those skills being highlighted in THIS patch means Blizzard isn’t strictly against lazy builds.

Your hint has nothing to do with witch doc. What are you talking about?

Go play your class and let us WD players have fun.

The conversation was about Blizzard killing off lazy builds. That’s what those black boxes are for, to let you know what we’re talking about.

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You don’t think I know what you’re doing? You’re just trying to dismiss every positive change to Witch Doc. Not just my post. You’re dismissing other people’s posts as well.

At least you’re consistent.

lol you’re joking right? While spin to win barb and dh sit at the top tier of builds its pretty obvious blizzard has no problem with “lazy builds”

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