BlizzConline: Celebration Collection Bug - Portrait

We wanted to let the community know that there is a bug affecting a percentage of players who are unable to collect the player portrait with the BlizzConline Celebration Collection bundle. We wanted to let you all know that this is under investigation and aimed to be resolved soon. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will keep everyone posted as we gather more information to share.


Yea, I’m having this issue. It’s weird because I got the pet from the achievement, but not the portrait frame that is tied with the same achievement.

ah been sending bugg issue about this since this happen to me. dont know if this helps but i only have this problem on the EU server and not on the NA and Asia got the portrait there but ofc on my main server EU i did not=P Thanks for looking into this.

i got all in achievements and none i can find

I also got the achievements but didnt get any of the transmogs. any news on this bug?


Yea the portrait didnt appeart on my account… :confused:

Sadly I too missing My Portrait as well I Hope this will be fix soon

Got my pet, transmogs, and achievements. No portrait frame as of yet. Strange, because my buddy has his.

Do you know what it look like, I Dying it see what it like

Hello there,
I bought the arcade collection on console (xbox) and i didn’t receive anything on diablo 3 but with overwatch all it’s ok?
What i have to do to collect my reward for diablo 3 ?

No Portrait Frame … Achievement is there but the frame is missing. Any updates on the progress?

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i’m already link with ,y xbox acount because i receive my overwatch reward.
I download the extension of diablo 3 after buying the arcade collection and i don’t receive my reward, i think it’s a diablo’s Bug ?



Diablo III
Dark Murglrr Pet – Essentials Pack, Heroic Pack , Epic Pack
Dark Wanderer Portrait – Essentials Pack, Heroic Pack , Epic Pack
Terror Unleashed Wings – Heroic Pack , Epic Pack
Wanderer’s Transmog Set – Epic Pack

An ancient darkness is rising, and Diablo’s Dark Wanderer again seeks the east. Adopt the guise of Tristram’s fallen warrior in Diablo III with a terrifyingly familiar portrait and transmog set (helm, shoulders, chest, hands, legs, and feet), and travel to your grim destination with the Dark Murglrr pet at your side. At journey’s end, bear the mark of your doomed struggle upon your back with a pair of Terror Unleashed wings.

PC players can get these items in the Celebration Collection from the Blizzard Shop. For console players, these in-game items are available in the Blizzard 30-Year Celebration Collection for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Xbox users did not get an update that added the items to the game. Pa4 and switch users for the update the day of blizzcon but Xbox did not. Any update on when we will be getting the update so we can have access to the in game items we paid for?

same my buddy got one i didnt and we purchased together


Any update on the portrait issue? Im running around the sanctuary with sick transmog, pet, wings BUT NO PORTRAIT :smile:

after 5 days no fix with this ? ty so much!!!

Transmogs not appearing, yet.

So, 6 days and no updates about this ? Bought the biggest pack, transmog, pet and wings are online but My account is missing portrait of Dark Wanderer ! I accept the Lilith Wings from 2019 Blizzcon as a apologize of this bug.