Barb Roll Call!

Hi Fellas,

I was just thinking today how many folks I haven’t seen around the Barb forum lately. Some of these people were already attending rather infrequently before the world took its recent turn for the worse, but I figured this might be a good time for a check-in.

People I’m thinking of include, but are not limited to:


If anybody else out there is like “hey, I’ve talked to Rage a ton, what about me?” then please forgive me- I am getting old and my memory is not as good as it once was! And please do feel free to drop us all a line in this thread (or anywhere else).

If anybody else has check-ins to request, please feel free to post those.

I hope everyone is well- be safe out there!


That’s sweet of you, almost bro-mantic hehe
Hope everyone is doing ok

I just got back from a 3 day holiday. Seems you can’t have a different opinion in DH threads without being flagged to oblivion anymore. Oh well, done with them, I no longer care if they get their new set or buffs. Some of their attitudes and behavior are disgraceful.

The irony of the way they carry on is completely lost on them, and the moderators apparently.

Anyway, looks like I will stick to the Barb section, much nicer people in here.

As for the game, I am up to 116 on season, and recently done 115 non season, but had taken a break to play with the new WD and Wiz sets.

Now I have both of them clearing 100, I might get back into pushing on the Barb again.


Hey Phoenix, sorry to hear that. Which thread? What happened?

I’ve only been following it here and there because, yeah, I’ve had too many problems with too many folks that tend to frequent those threads. I just hope they recognize the trolls/alts already at work in that thread, because if DH does get buffed through the roof (which would be a good thing, IMO), there’s gonna be the usual Fun Police clowns peeing in their lemonade–only this time with established alts like Decipher and DarkKnight.

The big one in GD at the moment. One particular specimen took a swing at you, and Barb community in general, someone else took issue with his attitude, and I simply pointed out that it wasn’t even Barbs dropping the IQ in that thread.

Funny that I attacked no one at all and got a three day holiday, his post mouthing off is still active. But considering theses forums aren’t really moderated, as much as they are reviewed by glorified flag chasers, I shouldn’t really be surprised at all.

Still ironic that for all the dribble and tears that went into complaining about Barbs, there is still no such bile being spewed at Crusaders, and now WD’s.

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I really don’t get why the barbarian trolls have to come to the DH proposal to derail the topic, i really don’t get why you always come with the attitude of “ahaha i was so great they listened my proposal i did things better than you DH players” No one cares about your ego , you already bashed once DH community just for fun months ago and you are here again doing the same. sigh.

For the record, this was the comment that was being discussed. I won’t quote him, as he isn’t worth it. But the post is still active in the thread. I believe it is post #129


good one!! :smiley:

20 characters

I’m still here too! I hit S20 hard at first, but then real life threw me some curve balls and I decided to take a break from gaming. I think I can crawl my way into the LB with my S90 character though before the season ends.

Hoping next season throws a bone to at least one barb build that got left behind. Fingers crossed for leapquake’s return to relevance.

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Nice to hear from you, Poco. I thought about including you on the list, but I’ve seen you around a bit lately so I knew you were still alive and kicking!

What build(s) are you playing in S20?

Sadly, I’m pretty doubtful that Leapquake will get buffed. That said, it would be easy to do: all you really need is bigger multipliers on Tribes, GoG, MOTE 6, or some combination thereof.

I can’t really imagine a seasonal theme that would make Leapquake competitive with our other builds, unless the theme is “Earthquakes do 5x as much damage”. The numbers are just not there, and most things that would buff Leapquake would also buff other builds (as we’ve seen from the past few seasons).

For S20 been using Rend for farming and trying to push with H90. It turned out to be more fun than I had predicted on the PTR. I know I can crack the GR121 it would take to simply get on the LB, I just have to make the time to do it.

I geared a wizard too, since I thought that Vyr’s with Capt Crimson was worth checking out, but I re-discovered that it’s simply not my playstyle. On NS I put some work into my LoD Hydra build, and that one I can get into more.

Leapquake, yeah. I’m doubtful it’s going to get the attention it needs as well. It’s frustrating though because the fix would be soooo simple. I feel like if someone could sneak into blizzard’s server room for 20 seconds they could bring the game into a much better place. Oh well, at least they’re still giving us stuff. Not bad for such an old game.

I have a feeling we might see a few people from your list appear later in May if we get some PTR patch notes :wink:

Yeah, H90 is pretty fun, after all. During the PTR I compared it a lot to HOTA, which I still think is accurate… but it’s a more exciting HOTA.

You’ve got, what, maybe 16k str on your H90 Barb? 121 should definitely be doable.

Leapquake is still fun, despite how bad the build is now. I’ve recently been trying to crack 126. HARD, but definitely doable. Everything will need to line up right, though.

Fingers crossed on seeing some of our prodigal brothers return!

Pshaw! When I saw this thread I felt sure I was going to be offered a refreshing hot beverage and a bread roll full of sizzling bacon.

:coffee: + :bacon: :bread:

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If LQ had a mechanic similar to WW/Rend (having all it’s damage delivered in 1 second), would that make it fairly competitive?

Well, it’s a roll call, you just get phoned by a dinner roll… basically silence.

Nope. You’d actually do the exact same amount of damage that you do now. With Leapquake your damage is limited by the speed at which you can Leap, and the Leap animation doesn’t scale with move speed, attack speed, or CDR. So you’d still generate the same number of Earthquakes, and it doesn’t really make much difference whether those do their damage in 1 second or in 8 seconds.

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Haha I am good barbro, still alive and kicking. I’ve just hit the wall with D3 again. It’s been a loooong time since D3V launch day and it gets stale. I pop in every season, run through the season gauntlet and then realize that all I have to do is grind… and it gets old fast. Chilling with the no-thought Wastes-Rend build is fun for a week or two but then I move on to other things. Just killing time until D4.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

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Glad to hear you’re doing well, Foamy!

Been gone for a while, but I’ve got some time to kill and decided to get my HC barbs paragon up…gonna push the boards after a couple weeks of farming.

I am still alive as well, but I said a big good bye to Diablo 3.

I can now safely say that I am on my way to being a Warframe veteran already. Still lots of content needs to be unlocked and need to figure new ways to build, weapons/frames etc.

You can follow my youtube channel where I upload some builds occasionally.

Take care guys.

Do you want to make this a wiki so others can maintain this pinned thread?

I was thinking about a simple change to BoT earlier today that would bring it on an even keel with the other skill bonus spec’d Mighty Weapons. Just combine the EQ bonus with the secondary affix, it would be nice to see the bonus tightened up maybe but baring that, (not going to happen) at least this way it can be cubed and options, options?