Barb Roll Call!

I sort of like that the bonus is not cubable so that we actually have a build that uses one of the cool 2H mighty weapons instead of just cube fodder, but I agree options are good!

I get where you are coming from for sure, bit of a purist about many aspects myself but this could be a simple buff for the build. That and it’s the only two handed mighty weapon of the three, those being FotVP, TGoJ, and obviously Blade of the Tribes that doesn’t have it’s bonus in a secondary affix that is cube able. If by some brilliant stroke from the fates they were to grant this along side the Lut Sock ability being added as a set bonus, these would give the ability to pull out the throttle stops, set the rev limiter on kill, and push it to the red line without giving any other builds an unintended cross buff.

I lurk around these forums now and than, but I have not played Diablo in what feels like more than two years. My last attempt was a 2-3 day period in double bounty reward season, but even before that I was not really playing, so I don’t know how long ago it was.

Sadly, I actually turned D3 on few day’s back out of curiosity and after about 4 minutes, one t16 rift I… couldn’t take it.

Don’t get me wrong fellas, I will tell you a short story. From back in a days when I was rocking a whole 600 paragon and me and Free were part of a “Fray” clan. Free had about 70 paragon more than I did and it felt like a huge gap because we were farming GR 45’s and pushing 50’s. Regardless, I had 6 pieces of Waste, 2 BK weapons and I played WW (it was pre - Zodiac, just so you figure how long ago it was), and I had Leap as one of the skills, because I simply liked it. Free and CC123 we’re laughing behind my back for using it, since WW build was sort of set in stone.

And, today, that many years after, you still have same 6 pc Wastes, and you still cannot use Leap with it, for same reasons.

Simply put I play a game that cannot be named here, and - lo and behold - I can slot Leap into any build. Or a furious charge. I love to spin. So I play whirlwind. I love it so much that even my summoner aka necromancer was spinning and FC from pack to pack while having army of zombies and skeletons demolish the map. And that spinning and fc was essential to the build, not in it just because I liked it.

Bottom line is that after some time elsewhere I cannot play D3 anymore. That GR 130 isn’t any different than 110 or that ~95 when I was holding top 10 solo barb in seasons, or that GR 50 back in a days when I could not have leap and WW in same build.

I am around though, and I come here sometimes just to see who is still around :slight_smile:
Godspeed fellow Barbs, maybe we will see each other in D4, unless it will be dead on arrival.


I remember Nubtro and Page from the good old days… those guys were great.

Sorry for the late reply, but yeah, I remember that post. That individual is salty on me for a while now for reasons. I’m sure they’re super valid or something. Can’t even remember. He’s one of the handful of people I flat-out ignore.

Thing about the DH community, there’s a few trolls circulating in their midst right now, and it’s only a matter of time before welcoming them into the fold backfires. And a few alts as well, including one or two new ones from a certain someone who likes to make alts to troll Barbs.

Anyway, I think your approach is the right one. Let them deal with their own stuff. :man_shrugging:t6:


I think you got more pressing things to deal with right now (like your dissertation!) than diablo forum politics my friend lol

Haha too true!

The weird upswing to quarantine (and by no means am I saying the current pandemic is good) is that it freed up considerable time to write. As a result, I’m several months ahead of schedule, which is good, because the next chapter deals with a lot of Marxist theory, and some of that–and the Hegelian philosphy the pre-dates it–can be dense!

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I’ve butted heads with him in a few threads, he seems to go out of his way to be an unpleasant person to deal with, I’ve even offered an olive branch previously to put it aside and work together, but I am done with that now.

As for the other one you speak of, I caught him out in several lies in a row recently, and I am definitely done with him, anything he posts that is even slightly out of order gets auto flagged now. Unfortunately I don’t have 27 alts to flag posts into oblivion like some people.

Anyway, good to see some of these old names rolling through this thread and saying Hi, even if they’re not playing anymore. I remember some of these name helping me out, even in the old forums.

Keep up the good work all, what ever it is you’re doing these days.

And stay safe all.


It is interesting to hear the updates and thoughts of previously active barbarian players.

Hey guys, great to hear from you. I’m glad you’re doing well and that you’ve found “new love” in other places. Be well, stay safe!


Hey Rage and everyone! I appreciate you guys checking in on me. Life has been crazy since everything that’s gone down with the pandemic. I started off on S20 as usual but I am working from home full time as is my wife and trying to do that with a 3 year old and 6 month old has its challenges and frankly at the end of the day we are pretty tired and I haven’t had energy for gaming. I also have found a decent group of people on a discord who play arpgs so when I do play I’ve been jumping around and checking out some others such as Grim Dawn, Last Epoch, Wolcen etc.

I apologize I haven’t been around here as much and updated the IK hota guide (though I think it’s fine) and the zdps guide. I will hopefully be getting those updated here for s21 as I do plan to be back to play for a while.

Again thanks for thinking of me and I hope everyone is doing well!


Glad you’re doing okay.

I’m in a similar position with work and school responsibilities–don’t have time for Diablo at the moment, and the new PTR looks . . . :face_vomiting:


Check-in: Found a new job recently, was pretty busy these days.

I am testing PTR-season currently. Hope they can buff H90 a bit.


LOL that seems to be putting it mildly.

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