Barb did 142 in non season in 12 mins

Love your replies mate! Keep it up. The interaction with the community and changes that come from it is what this game needs.


So, who cares that someone can do this in non season, or even season. Why does it matter so much to you that a 142 is possible…


The most passive aggressive smackdown of a troll this forum has ever seen.

Well played.



i made a new barb (other is a ww one)
-at T13 and a cold build, without resource problems, i throw around leaps, avalaches and long range cold waves all around non stop.
-everything freezes and i kill all in 1 or 2 hits, woot, fun. :cold_face::cloud_with_snow::snowflake:

i respect you for knowing and posting these synergetic words, luv it. :wink:

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A Crusader doing solo GR146 on EU non-seasonal probably looks a lot less like fantastic design and balance though, right?


Definitely not fantastic design and balance. This one particular Crusader at 10,176 Paragon is about +5 GRs above our expected.

Something to look into for next patch!


This is just flavor of time power pylon effect extended. It gives exactly 400% more power. So he got lucky to get one extended map he gathered all elite packs in same area and killed them asap using power after lightning pylon. So it’s ok i think.

So i think the problem is the random fishing. Give not the same conditions for all players and buiils. Maps should offer same monster density and reduced distance for small and short maps what does not happen nowadays.


respect first :smiley:

GOOD, then i’m glad i removed the crusader class:
-i don’t want a horsey speedrunner at the very top.
-i want a crusader, that’s fun at T15, mobblasting, not working.

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Haha, nice try. Crus is next on the list be sure of that. Along with the fix to Bazooka.

I get the OP, but you shouldn’t pay too much attention to the clowns that actually thought 140 ptr was a peak clear. It’s not even close, and for seasons it will probably be higher even with the nerf to 150% and without 10k paragon. It requires a tiny bit of intelligence and not too much emotional investment to understand that PTR clears are never EVER peak clears.

I like this attitude. Good job.



I saw you were reading a lot lately (probably a long time just not actively posting). We really appreciate it!

Since you said you’re reading a lot of feedback, here’s something about crusaders (outside the bew shotgun)

Also, did you just say 140-141 GR is the new solo balance level a set should reach? Will you try to get all the sets to this level? Thatd be nice. 140 solo 150 group. I like the cap, makes it also easier to balance and feels like some kind of end.

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JELLY BELLY candy anyone?


amazing. to barb shout sticks up.

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I came to this thread with the intention of putting OP in their place for their BS…but then a blue post has done that for me far better than I could.

Well played Blizz. While there has been a lot of negativity here for a long time, the increased activity is noticed and appreciated by us.


You came here to put him in his place? Do you even understand his arguement? Granted he didn’t present it in the best way, but it was basically a shot at all the clueless players that thought 140 was a peak just “cuz 10k paragon”. The blue post has no relevance to this. I like it though because it tells me they seem to be taking balance more seriously moving forward.

Barb did 142 in non season in 12 mins

i don’t accept this is trolling, i accept it is meant as trolling.
-it’s just a fact to change balancing.

no way, only the elitists as a whole have dangerous influence on the forum.

no way, the PTR leaves not much room for major mistakes;

what have they to do with direct impact on game balance?

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This man is Troller of Trolls,
nicely done Matthew :clap:

Btw, cant wait to see the new barb set :grin:

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Thank you for replay. At least we know that you balance around 141. Interesting decision. Looking forward for that blog post and future patches.

If 141 was the target from the start how do you even justify that short lived nerf to the belt to 0%? Waiting for the blog.

For me it seems you would be right on the balancing point with 100% damage buff on belt instead of 150%. Something I asked for. There is difference between 12 and 15 min clear. With 100% on belt maybe it would result in Barbs toping at 140. It is really hard to balance this game I give you that.

Post about Barb toping at 133 with old belt still look hilarious to me. Flaming and name calling guy for trying build on PTR stil looks disgusting to me.

Do you plan any ban waves? Would love to see how many “dedicated” players would survive. Please don’t ignore this question and disappear from forum.

Trust in Blizzard is lost and rebuilt over time. You guys are doing much better lately.

so you have something against barb but not against crusader ?

You guys missed 148 clear by crusader on Asian servers. Enough said.