Are the Paladins going to be in D4?

Some feel that the paladin will make a return in D4 at launch. It was my understanding that the Paladins went West to Westmarch. The Crusaders went East. The zones in D4 are in the East, so why would the Paladins be in D4? Are the Paladins even around by the time of D4, lore wise?

Tbh, I don’t think we’ll see the Paladins return in Diablo 4. Instead I believe that archetype would be fulfilled by another class type, for example Crusader, Templar, etc. After all, post-Diablo 2 events, Paladins began to distanced themselves from the Zakarum Faith, while the Crusaders did not. Thus far, being a follower of the Zakarum Faith had been a major trait that’s shared between the Diablo 2 Paladin and Diablo 3 Crusader.

Honestly I think most of those who want the Paladin to return, mostly want the Diablo 2 paladin’s playstyle to return, as the Crusader in Diablo 3 probably didn’t necessarily fill the void that was left by the Diablo 2 Paladin. That said, I can’t imagine the Paladins returning as a playable class in Diablo 4 unless they had re-ignited their faith in Zakarum; which wouldn’t be impossible as Westmarch was pretty much devasted (just as most of the world was) by the Malthael and his Reapers. So many things could happen (it just needs to be properly explained).

So in short, I don’t see Paladins returning unless they’re driven by their Zakarum faith.

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In some of the concept art from Blizzcon (press kit) one photo shows what looks to be like a “Paladin” in hell, did you see that one? It will not let me do the link. D4 takes place decades after the events of D3, so what if Kormac raised a new order of Templars, and the Templars fill the holy class. Not sure about that I think they were mostly in Westmarch.

I assume you’re talking about this one? (A good image imo btw)

As you say, Diablo 4 takes place decade(s) after Diablo 3. As such I’d imagine anything to be possible, so long as it’s explained within reason.

True, however Westmarch was also devastated by the Reapers, while not as bad as other areas since the Nephalem was there to help with the defense. So it’s within reason that they either helped rebuild Westmarch, or moved to find new ground to set roots.


That art work is crazy, look how massive that area is, who is the figure in white? Man, I hope we get more world and lore at Blizzconline in February. Some players only care about speed, they have no interest in the story. I like to run solo and check everything out with out being bothered by others. Even in D3 I still locate things 8 year later.

I found this guy a few weeks ago (after 8 years)

Have you seen this, he has some good lore clips.


First time seeing it, but he had some major good points. But in short it’s just how we said before. It’s possible for the Paladins to return, however the chance of it happening is incredibly unlikely from a lore viewpoint, even more unlikely if they’re not of the Zakarum faith.

Agreed, one thing that I can definitely say that I’ve been impressed with regarding Diablo 4, is the world itself. Most of the game areas truly gives off the feel of eerie, desolation, and hopelessness.

It’s a shame, quite honestly. When it comes to games, first and foremost I care about the story/lore, followed by character customization and/or building, exploration (if it has it), gameplay, and lastly graphics.

So games like Diablo, I usually explore every nook and cranny of it that I can find, only prioritizing speed for content that requires it (bounties for example). If they ever revamped and/or updated the rewards you could get from Campaign mode, I’d be happy, since I could play it at my own pace and still net a sizable reward.

But yeah, I’m mostly a solo player as well, which is why I’m still hoping that Diablo 4 will either give us the ability to make private games, or at least give us the ability to not see or run into other players once we leave safe zones like towns.

Nice Find!

The paladins have been an inactive organization for decades, but nothing prevents the Zakarum from wanting to re-found the order, in D3 apart from the Crusaders there are also Templars … in this sense all options are open.

I think they will make a return from all the hints ive seen, Perhaps as a darker version less light based?
Possibly keeping his powers of the light but having shadow or demonic skills like others have said.

In Part 6 of The Crusaders- Diablo III Lore book
Two hundred years ago,
They took their apprentices and set out into the eastern swamplands.
They were never heard from again. Untill now.
^So its possible paladin could return out of nowhere :smiley:

Part 9
Of the original 427 crusaders who disappeared east, 341 returned.
Will they continue west to the lands of westmarch?

Perhaps some met with paladins and learnt from each other and/or formed a new order and that could be a class we will see in D4 at launch, Especially as we see there are still active churches although the one we seen in rogue trailer would probably use there own paladins etc if they had any.

Whatever the case, 90% of the world’s population died during the Malthael’s Genocide, of those 341 it is estimated that around 34 survived.

Whatever the situation in D4, the Zakarum need their own military unit, be they Paladins, Crusaders, or Templars, who knows if the Zakarum Zealot or Zakarum Priest could be the sacred class in D4.

Remembering me many blogs I read when D3 was in development (Bashiok was the community manager) the Crusader came to life because the community asked for it.
While the answers from Bashiok to the community looked like “roll a Monk and call it a Crusader” or “the Simpsons did it”, it was obvious that the community weren’t satisfied with the Monk to fill the ''Holy Spot", so the Crusader came along with RoS.

Note: The Monk has been well designed, to this day it’s the best support class I have seen on a ARPG

As I see it right now, I think that the "Holy Spot’’ will be filled with something very similar to the Paladin/Crusader but I believe that the player will be able to spec the class like a melee class (such as a paladin) or a long range class (such as a priest) or an hybrid. As said during the Blizzconline, customization 1st, so the archetype could go from minimum of support - maximum damage to maximum of support - minimum of damage.

About the story/lore, maybe it’s time to handle things in an other direction, Zakarum faith have failed due to Mephisto’s corruption, the Horadrim have failed twice, corrupted by Baal and/or Duriel in D2 and powerless in D3.
No matter what the Light have in store for the faithful in D4, knights and priests might be very different from what we have seen.
Personally, it would feel good to have a bit of light in that Return to Darkness.

Death to the zDPS, I prefer the D2 model where each class brings something to the group, warcries, auras, spirits, curses, summons … a varied range of buffs and debuffs, even tanks can do a lot by accumulating enough CB.

The counterpoint to the barbarian is the sorceress, although I’m sure the barbarian will have ranged builds and the sorceress will have mele builds; In between we have two versatile classes such as druid and rogue, regardless of the theme I am 75% sure that the fifth class will also be versatile or the class will have a mechanic that differentiates it a lot from the others.

About the story/lore, anything can happen, but it seems that we are still in the age of faith, the Zakarum are still active, and not all fail, there were always those who are immune to any corruption, Khalim is proof of it.

I really liked the priest of the rogue presentation, (I hope he doesn’t become the Blood Bishop we saw at blizzcon19), and when the priest says “you have been the answer to their prayers”, this should not be a coincidence.
I have the feeling that in this world there is a collective unconsciousness (Carl Jung and his analytical psychology) that acts as a counterforce for the survival of humanity, no matter the threat, humanity will find a response to eliminate it.
This fits perfectly to associate it with our bond with Trag’Oul.