Arachyr impossible to kill Skandiel or Hamelin

Arachyr 136 grift take 7min to kill minion bosses WTF! Make grift to the boss in 9min boss whit minions 7-10min and fail. This is a bug or intended?

I believe Raxx made a video about this during the PTR for this season. If you get a minion boss without a super proper lead, it’s kind of RIP.


Arachyr sure is fast blitzing through bounties. :slight_smile:

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why are you playing WD? lose a bet?


Why aren’t you using Depth Diggers and Echoing Fury in your build?
It’s a big gain in damage

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Outside of dedicated RGK builds, most builds have at least 1 RG that they have trouble with compared to others, and generally also a few RGs that they have a much easier time with compared to others.

Hamelin/Skandiel are difficult for pet builds where you can’t direct your pets, which is especially the case with Arachyr. On the other hand, area damage builds as well as builds that benefit from constantly killing are great against these 2 RGs


U cant kill adds, just focus boss, if u fight boss near minions ur dps will bea lot less lower, just move and lure him away of the adds, but they still will be hard to kill

I watched Raxx’s video, it’s pretty ugly for WD’s. Your entire run gets scuffed if you pull the wrong boss.

My Inna Monk does’t really love Hamlin much either. Stupid fire allies blowing up little adds and not hitting the boss.

The topic is about Arachyr, not about OP monk


What are you going for here? My post spoke to the WD then compared my own experience with a different class.

You the post content police or something? I’d like to vote for new legislation to have you removed from your post :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought people were using the on-death explosion effect of the Shard to murderate summon bosses.

The “on-death explosion” (Essence of Anguish) is fun in T16, but when you want to push with Arachyr, Dregs of Lies is… ha ha… primordial

The issue isn’t specific to just this one pet build. Other pet builds (like Inna monk) are likely affected as well and for the same reasons. That’s a fair issue to discuss, since the balancing seems to have ignored getting enough focused damage on the RG to kill him - but your pets have AI that drops a lot of that damage onto rapidly respawning minions.


Pre ROS problem, 25 seasons and the only thing the Devs did to fix this was give Necro a target attack with skelies.

This problem with pet AI and leashing is old and never, and I mean never going to be addressed.

Clan Vuudoo, on the original D3 forums literally wrote a post Doc (get it :rofl:) on the topic with dozens of well thought out fixes that were ignored…


You need to keep them infested. Untill every thing has the effect, it dosen’t mater what you attack. I now it’s tricky and annoyeing, but doable.

What is wrong with playing a witchdoctor why do you have to

and you call us toxic and hateful and bullies


Well, in order to see what is wrong with playing a witchdoctor, you simply have to ask the question what is good about playing a witchdoctor?

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As you have almost 23.5K elite kills on a single WD and 22% of your overall gameplay has been spent on a WD - as shown here - that seems like a question you ought to be qualified to answer yourself.


thanks for checking .

i see you almost exclusively play barb. you must lack a ton of game mechanic knowledge involving everything except ww barb.

have you ever even gotten wd to 70?

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don’t forget his 12 other accounts