Yah i think im quitting s25 now. Can't catch the exploiters

You don’t need psychohistory to predict that the OP isn’t actually quitting though.


So basically not a foundation at all. I agree we do disagree.

OP quitting the running joke of Diablo 3


i did a 144 with my monk paragon 1077 at the time. stop whining and play the game

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literally the most toxic community of all the activision games. you guys should think about how bad you’re making these forums for new players.

Thanks for this advice…


I’m sure that repeatedly posting about how bad the game is and that you’re quitting will be very encouraging for new players to read. Oh, wait…


How ironic to call everyone else toxic when you have so far been the most toxic.

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Does the tree count as a foundation? I’d say no but willing to be wrong :smiley:

I think we’d have to do some root cause analysis to confirm.


Ba dum dum tish!

As a fan of puns and dad jokes, hats off to you sir.

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A foundation is below the ground or a support… a hull goes below water level and trailer stands go into the ground, both are supports. But yea it’s fine lol.

It is now my life goal to find a way to build a house with no foundation, just to that I can empirically state that this is wrong:

Very petty motivation but if we get anti gravity technology out of it, I’d say it’s worth it!

The International Space Station? Temporary home but…


Oh my goodness, thank you!

Now I don’t have to work on this stupid anti grav project anymore!

You too Meteor, appreciate the save there guys!

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But then how will the kids get their Hoverboards (real ones like Back to the Future, not current Amazon ones)?

Ha! I’m an old man, I’d just end up yelling: “You kids get your hover boards off my lawn!”


Wait another 38,000 years or so until the Imperium has access to STC patterns for Suspensor technology. By the time of the Emperor upon his golden throen, post Horus Heresy, and in the times where humanity is fighting off the forces of the Orcs, Eldar, Necrons, Tau, Chaos and Tyranids, the OP still won’t have actually quit D3 yet.


be nice to yourself…please!

Yes you should, If you didn’t come here spewing your hate and toxicity, the toxicity in this place would plummet
Complains about hatred and toxicty when he piles on hate and toxicity on someone that likes playing WD
Whinges and complains that he isn’t allowed to have fun his way and then comes done with hate because someone has fun playing WD

You want to have fun playing whatever character go right ahead but please follow your own advise and stop hating on everyone else