Any news on PTR?


This post is to make Blizzard aware that the community is desperately waiting for S28 PTR announcement. Current season is 90+ days old. I think it’s time to atleast let us know what’s up. Please like this post if you agree.


We can hope for news next week or in beginning of december …


No, a small retinue of loudmouth braggarts are “desperately” waiting and of them, at least half are eager to quit within the first 96 hours.


I hardly played the S27 PTR, and spent only 35 hours or so in S27 on live.
I’m entirely unconcerned about when / if they make a S28 PTR announcement.

I am most definitely NOT desperately waiting. I would like some heads up on their plans with S27 and S28 though.

I happily still play S27 and will continue to do so till its end. Which might not be until early Januari.

Unlike as it seems a lot of people, I do not stop after a few weeks in as a rule. I might though, but then it is due to the seasonal theme. I did not like all of them. I won’t like all the themes in upcoming seasons.

I wonder if they continue making new seasonal themes after D4 is released.

(I am still willing to one time pay for new D3 content I like though).

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I never play the PTRs, I would rather have the next D4 blog. Nor am I a member of the never ending “when does it start, when does it end” crowd.

Just be patient, they’ll eventually announce the ptr in due time.

I imagine they’ll continue for a bit, before starting to recycle older seasonal themes. At least that’s my guess.

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I’d like to pretend that I could not play the PTR, but I’m conflicted. On one hand, I love games with a sense of discovery, where everyone would start off on equal footing. On the other hand, I’m ultra competitive, so if you don’t know exactly what to expect, you’re at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, when it comes to the themes we’ve had the past few seasons, they’ve been heavily exploitable, which was something that was corrected during their respective PTRs. I’m unsure of how you’d handle these without PTRs.

I never said that I am against PTRs, I said “I never play them.” If others want to that is up to them.

But you want an advantage.

I would rather be surprised at launce, I do not need to know everything from a PTR when things might change.

No. I don’t want to be at a disadvantage. There’s a difference.

The funny thing is I don’t realize that the current D3 season was already on 90+ days and I have zero interest in S28 news either…I guessed when you get occupied by something, times really go fast…

I think this is also the sign showing that Blizzard is starting to slow down (and eventually stop supporting) D3 Season development considering that D4 is going to be launch at next year.

They already in a way doing that. Yes they don’t do the theme but they have recycle other stuff from older seasons.

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Do you seriously believe Blizz isn’t already, constantly aware there’s always a “desperate” sliver of the community waiting, EVERY SEASON, for a premature PTR announcement?

Season 26 was the same sets and Season Journey as Season 14.
Season 27 was the same sets and Season Journey as Season 15.

So, I’d expect Season 28 to be Season 16. (That will also include the repeated portrait you’ll get as well).

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I’m speaking specifically about the seasonal themes themselves, not the rewards that one can get from the seasonal journey of a certain season.

What do you mean by “premature PTR announcement”? This season is well over 3 months old. The fact that we don’t even have PTR announcement is extremely odd and out of the ordinary.

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The sky is falling Armageddon has arrived run for the hills. Only the PTR can save us now.

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Not really…
Since Season 21, seasons have been lasting an average of 4+ months so there’s still time for a PTR announcement, 2 weeks of PTR and 2 weeks after that until it hits live.


I think this is also incorrect. Is 94 days now considered “well over 3 months.”

You didn’t answer my question.