Alright, who is Ready?

Who is ready to spend the next few hours just trying to play the game because Blizzard highly underestimated the number of people wanting to play this game and the servers are going implode. I am!! :raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man::relaxed:


Most likely haha. I wonder how bad it will be though since it’s so early. I know quite a few people that had to work still.


clutches knees in chest rocking back and forth

“-It’s all gonna be ok, It’s all gonna be ok. It’s all gonna be ok”

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It’s 5 PM in EU though, most of people are back from work! :partying_face:

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Got plenty of snacks to tide me over for when everything crashes.

I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!

Gotta figure out how to go offline for some people as fast as they can :stuck_out_tongue: I know there are a lot of people that play SP.

Ahh you guys lucked out on the launch time then. USA here, it’s going on 11 a.m.


I remember WoW Classic started with 3 servers for US East, and at the end of Day one they opened like 50. LOL

I am ready to kill Baal!

Can’t wait to kill them damn cows

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At work but still going to play. Nobody can see me. I think…

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Hopefully they’ve implemented some neat auto-scaling features for their servers so that doesn’t happen :slight_smile:

They don’t underestimate, they calculate the best economic option, which is buying less server capacity than necessary and waiting for the first tourists to leave.

everything is ready here … 3 rolled cigarettes, the pack of beer is there, the meal for all the rest of the family is ready, the stay at the toilet done too


20 frikkin’ characters

Make sure you have your boss key ready to go!

how does everyone feel about needing to check into battlenet once every 30 days for playing sp?

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A minor inconvenience, but necessary to avoid piracy.

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alright lets gooooooooooo :smiley:

1 minute left… haaaaaaaaaaaa