Akkhan: when did you switch to Kassar instead of Stone G?


I’m playing the Shield Bearers setup they recommend on maxroll. Yesterday, I’ve made a GR146 in 12’09 in EU with 2292 parangon points, on a close to perfect configuration.

I have noticed in the leaderboard that the top players usually use Kassar instead of Stone Gauntlets in the cube.

I’ve tried this, and I get crushed even though I put a few hundred points in Vitality.

It’s a fact I don’t play the build well enough as far as survivability is concerned, but out of curiosity I wanted to ask when you guys switched to Kassar. I mean how many parangon points did you have to make it viable, and how much Vitality?

I cleared 150 NA with 2200 paragon (I’m really proud about that, just pure skill and no botting). The thing with this buid is that you need to spam akarat champion a lot, cause your life goes from 100 to 0 in less than 2 secs… so… that’s the trick…