AD question with TR build

So I read somewhere that Sweeping Wind doesn’t proc AD…I’m wondering why since it’s an ability you cast and it’s not a proc.

Also can the TR lightning field from lightning rune proc AD? I know TR itself can

I need to know if I should be running Area Damage in a flurry build? I did a 120 with area damage on shoulders and weapon. Not sure if I should change those to CDR and resource cost reduction.

From what I know, “Procs don’t proc procs”.
ie, Sweeping Wind from WonKimLau does not proc AD.
However, self-cast SW should proc AD.
Tempest Rush and Flurry bomb should proc AD.

ie, Cyclone Strike from WonKimLau does not proc AD.

Huh? I think you meant the free Cyclone Strike.

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ah crap… thanks for the correction

I’m not talking about the procs SW does…i’m talkin about sweeping wind itself…all the sites I’ve searched say SW does not proc AD…not the procs of sweeping wind…but the actual ability itself…this in itself makes no sense because it’s a hard cast ability and i’m looking at reputable d3 sites from past and present and they all say the same thing.