Achievements not granted

I did the Act V Events The War that Time Forgot, The Time Trap and The Demonic Prisoner 2 times each in cooperative mode and it was not granted to me the achievement Disorderly Conduct. Waiting for a fix.

I did them in solo mode. I would like to get them in cooperative mode. But thanks for warn me about it.

Just to be clear, Boubou was referring to Campaign Mode not Adventure Mode.

Campaign Mode = Story Mode
Adventure Mode = Free Form

Solo can be done in Campaign Mode and/or Adventure Mode.

Cooperative is the same as saying “Multiplayer” and can be done in Campaign Mode and/or Adventure Mode.

If you have to complete Act Quests to access other Acts, you are in Campaign Mode. If you have access to Kanai’s Cube, you are in Adventure Mode.

In summary: You want to do these Achievements with a Friend (Cooperative) in Campaign Mode (Story Mode).

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I defeated all 16 bosses in solo season 22 mode in less than 20 minutes, the achievement is not recognised as such. I timed the time more than once.

You may already know this, but the timer starts as soon as you click the Start Game button on the Game Menu. Not when you kill the first Boss.

Also, it would help if you could post a link to a screenshot of your Season 22 Conquest showing the list of Bosses required. (Which ones are checked off and which ones are not).

Finally, I cannot find your Armory Profile. If you’re playing on console you should post in the Console Discussion Forum or the Console Bug Report Forum.

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Same here, so frustrating!

Thanks so much! Now I got it!

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