Achievements and Season Journey are currently unavailable

With the new season started I started receiving the message below when starting a game with any of my characters. This only seems to apply to the Americas region (my main region), as switching to another region doesn’t have this issue. The hero list takes an exceptionally long time when logging in for this region, so that may be related.

“Achievements and Season Journey are currently unavailable.”

I’ve tried the 4 main workarounds mentioned in the article below, as well as re-installing the game + trying to trigger a season objective after performing them all, but the issue remains.

I’m not able to progress any season objectives and get my Haedrig’s gifts.


Since you’ve tried all the workarounds that we had here… Blizzard also has its own Support Article for that issue. You will find it here:

Give a try with the workarounds you haven’t tried yet… if that fails too, I’d put in a ticket.

Good luck !


Thanks, I tried those steps as well, and even a new admin account was affected by the issue. I’ve created a ticket with support to hopefully get to the bottom of this.

Sucks to not be able to use Haedrig’s gift to have a full set at the start, but thankfully that’s all that’s really affected apart from the slower login / game starts.

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