A6I2 Bombardment is still S-Tier

This thing is nuts. Have fun with it guys.

My setup is Justice Lantern + CoE for survival in GR140+ (F&R is an option too as is SoJ + CoE)

I use the following skill setup:


  • Punish:Celerity
  • Bombardment: Barrel of Spikes
  • Iron Skin: Reflective Skin
  • Provoke: Hit Me
  • Akarat’s Champ: Prophet
  • Steed Charge: Draw & Quarter

Condemn Vacuum is an option too.


  • Heavenly Strength
  • Lord Commander
  • Hold Your Ground
  • Iron Maiden

LoN Bombardment is a solid alternative too if you find better gear for it.


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You’re missing heavenly strength on your passives. I use iron skin instead of laws of valor to go into oculus more easily. But that’s also because EU ping to ptr makes steed awful.

ohoh, you said fun dmkt. So soon we will seen the fun police from blizzard come take it away :slight_smile:

There’s now a 14 minutes 10 second GR150 solo on the PTR non-seasonal leaderboard, using A6/CC3/I2/N2 with around 5900 paragon. Now imagine what it could do with a 4th Cube slot and some clones. It won’t make it to live like this, no matter how much fun it might be.


I agree, i wasn’t even trying in 140 and was picking up progress. Literally alt tabbing and making gains after dying.

I did play Invoker6 with Mortal Drama cubed, Pig Sticker and Akarat’s Awakening. This build felt just right, Bombardment was actually making more progress than Punish. Even without the Norvald’s.

So I don’t know what the heck they will do… my guess is Norvald’s is on the chopping block.

I was excited to play this build this season, not shocked it will get nerfed lmao…

well thats what a test-phase is there for. To see if it performs worse or better than expected and then tweak it to some reasonable degree

The removal of Norvald’s new set bonuses should fix the issue.

On a PTR thread, i had suggested reverting Norvald’s Ferver back to 100% and giving it 50% DR and CDR reduction benefits.

This is a 6GR nerf, it helps other builds, but is not the full solution. If they tear into Trove Belt/Mortal Drama I6, it is dps loss for I6.


I agree completely with your assessment. Norvald’s new buffs need to go away.

It’s crazy. I’m literally riding around running over sh*t with my horse and killing everything.

So what’s the solution for boosting FoH then? I keep seeing this “revert Norvald’s” yet seen no one mention buffing something else in its place for FoH.

The other thorn items are not used for anything other than thorn related. This means if you took away Norvalds buff, you take away FoH buff but still get to keep thorns buffed. Doesn’t seem very good to me.

One must remember, blizzard will more than likely not buff any other item other than what’s on their list already. This means you can’t simply say “oh just add a buff to x FoH item”. The Norvalds more than likely was intended to be a FoH buff as it was mentioned before the patch notes came out .

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I suspect Belt of the Trove will eat a 200% nerf. It’s WAY over budget for an armor item’s power. From your description, it’s not the preferred nerf, but for d3 itemization says 500% damage on an armor slot item is WAY too good.

Just something I noticed about TotT.

Without the thornes its not that crazy.

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GR 125 quick run ^^

How do you decrease the cd of akkaraths champion? can you link a d3 planner maybe? first time i play crusader xD

Invoker stacks are snapshotted when you click bombardment, which means if you pony around until physical and have 0-1 stack of invoker, you might as well not play invoker.

This is the most fun I’ve had playing this game in a long while. I really enjoy playing this build.

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Why nerf norvalds when you can tone down mortal drama or trove and get the same effect without messing with other builds?

Please try the FotH variant of AoV with new norvolds before you ask for nerfs. It’s the main thing I’m excited about for next patch.

Edit: I read your ptr feedback post, so I see you’re thinking about FotH too. However, I don’t think any of the “elegant solutions” are actually on the table. Blizz isn’t going to put in that much work for this patch. I don’t want think the FotH supporting items are on the table for tweaking, either.


Hello Poconut – there are 3 builds we’re trying to preserve:

  1. Invoker6 Thorns Bombardment (Currently does GR133 so far…)
  2. Invoker2 OR Akkhan6 Bombardment with Norvalds
  3. AoV6 Fist of the Heavens with Norvalds

At present, I am not for the destruction of Norvald’s. There is a chronological order of changing thoughts in this thread and the primary crusader PTR Feedback thread. As we play and theorycraft – thoughts evolve.

So for the record, I don’t want Norvald’s to get nerfed. In fact, while you were typing your comment, I was ironically revisiting AoV6 Fists of the Heavens – knocked out a GR134 with it. It’s a very high risk build, and super fun. I’ll post a video and you’ll be like – how did he not die there…?? like every 45 seconds lol.

Lastly, I personally want more buffs in exchange for the dismantling of A6I2. Kikaha has quantified the total nerf amount to A6I2, while others have come up with really good solutions for how to fix it, Rashiel particularly came up with an idea of splitting up Invoker2, and placing some of the thorns bonus into I6 so we can control how much I2 benefits A6I2.

Whatever the solution may be, AoV6 Fists will need more love, because the other skill (Heaven’s Fury) still waxes the floor on GR134. I don’t think there’s too much room on Norvald’s Fervor’s bonus before it starts replacing items like Golden Flense, Johanna’s Argument & Guard of Johanna, etc. It could possibly go up to 500%-600%, but no more than this. The right solution is to just double the power of Khassett’s Cord of Righteousness – 350% is adequate.

I’ve uploaded 2 videos of AoV6 Fist of the Heavens if anyone’s interested: