A6I2 Bombardment is still S-Tier

Thanks for the in-depth reply, dmkt. I should have known you were being very thoughtful in your approach, my bad.

Agree on FotH needing more love. I’m actually ok with (some of) the disparity between HF and FotH since they’re good for different things. FotH has the potential to be a very fast build, while HF is walking speed. I don’t think HF will continue on forever with out some tweaking, so I’d be ok with HF being much stronger than FotH, as long as FotH stays much much better at speed GR’s and torment. To me this is variety and balance.

Looking forward to all the suggestions and discussion.

Edit: thanks for the vid! Very cool to see high level play with this build. Looks like using heal rune on steed is mandatory.

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why even nerf it. i think it is perfectly balanced <3

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Thank you! I really wanted someone to tell me these nuances! Then, the right sequence is:

  1. Generator for Invoker stacks
  2. Bombardment on the last decade of lightning (last 1 or 2 seconds of lightning)
  3. immediately after clicking bombardment to click pony for 400% buff from Norvald.

You may want to also use Provoke in the first second of the lightning cycle, in case your follower is nearby. Sometimes I see the stacks jump up to 20s shortly after a Provoke.

Pony to oculus ring when it becomes available.

Dont know, if Kikaha is right…and it seems so (made a few test runs. but have to reconfirm) and invocer stacks are snapshotted its more like:

Run through a Grift …do whatever you want with loads of enemies. Try to hit more than 15 Invoker stacks --> hit bombardment and never touch it again until next grift floor xD

It’s just for the one cast of Bombardment. So you can lose stacks after you cast you cast Bombardment and it won’t affect damage of the subsequent barrels. It makes survival a bit easier because you can get out of the way immediately after casting.

Ahh ok…so Kikahla is right…and you are right too because i just understood you wrong xD

Well…communication over the interwebz. Always a spot where things go wrong ^^.

Ok so it is snapshottable? And all Auto-casted bombardments rely on the dmg of the highest snapshot?

I didn’t think it worked like that, but then again I’ve been way more focused on getting the manual cast correct every time. I’ve watched some real doozy hits, even after landing good ones.

I mean, just watch my clear to see how to play the build : http://www.twitch.tv/kikaha/v/759332879
It’s not the most well executed or anything, but you can clearly how I use my skills to get the most invoker stacks


mhh you also cast bombard multiple times. But above you stated that its snapshottable.

If its snapshottable why dont you cast jsut one bombard per griftlvl. So is it…or is it not?^^

The bombardments cast snapsots the invoker stacks (the sheet thorns value to be precise). It doesn’t snapshot for the whole rift, only for the current cast.

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Great video – you’re manually casting everything too – this makes it easy to see what’s going on. :+1:

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uhhm then we have a different understanding of snapshotting.

If you say Invoker is Snapshottable via Bombardment…here is what i understand:

You have high Invoker-Stacks (25 or more) You manually cast Bombardment

—> Thornsdmg will stay like you have 25 Invoker-Stacks for the Rest of the Griftlvl or until you manually cast bombardment again.

So…what exactly do you mean then?

Edit: Or do you mean…you cast Bombardment and even the last Barrel of that casted Spell will hit with 25 Invoker - Stacks?

Call in an assault from afar, raining 5 spheres of burning pitch and stone onto enemies around you, dealing 2850% total weapon damage to enemies within 12 yards of the impact zone.

Barrels of Spikes

In place of the burning spheres, barrels of spikes are hurled. Damage of each barrel is increased by 200% of your Thorns.

See those 5 spheres/barrels? They don’t drop at the same time, it takes like ~4 seconds for that spell effect to complete. When you press the button to activate Bombardment, the Invoker 2pc stack value is stored and used as the multiplier for ALL 5 attacks, regardless of I2 stack count changes throughout the duration of the attack animation.

So it’s not doing real time calculations-- it’s snapshotting the stack count immediately after skill activation.

You’re probably assuming Bombardment thorn damage wouldn’t ever change, cause most skills have that 1:1 relationship between your character’s sheet damage and any button press.

And it’s definitely less impressive than some of the other snapshots we’ve grown to love ie. Pain Enhancer on LoD Rapid Fire, LpK Potion Snapshot on S6 Impale etc.

The point is that you can ride the pony into the oculus ring, without having to worry about damage loss due to less I2 stacks during the Bombardment animation.


hehe, thx for the detailed answer, although you could have just said:

“Its case b)” xD

Nerf the interaction.

And here I am, hoping Blessed Shield would be back…

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Looks like S22 is a Crusader season :wink:

not no more :rofl:,


Yeah. Title should be edited to: A6I2 Bombardment was officially a Beast ^^


even Archon player’s are laughing :rofl: