A Quick Word from Blizzard


they should have added…for Diablo 3 PC-version;
-then i would have felt some good vibes. :wink:


Probably still sitting in their conference rooms and discussing :joy:


In terms of QOL features and breadth of content, Retail is better. You get… ‘more’. Waaay more. There’s a lot of expansions, and meta gaming with outfits and achievements.

But in terms of the experience, Classic is a far better game. Crafting is worth pursuing again. Progression and leveling feels rewarding, there’s a stronger sense of community and being a part of something. Its more of a world, and less of a game.

We’ll see if people stick around past the first month or so. Hopefully they do. I’ve always regarded Classic WoW (pre-Cata, maybe even pre-WOTLK) as the best version of WoW, and seeing peoples reactions to it is kinda cementing it as fact now.


Probably Blizzard is pissed that Immortal has microtransactions Even though they asked NetEase to make it. If The game has Pay 2 win then it will get bashed to death upon release and they know it. NetEase just made the product they asked for but Blizzard does not know wtf to do with the product now. Unless Blizzard is stupid enough to talk about Immortal next Blizzcon then i dont see Any other reason as to why they would hold it up. Releasing it along with D4 announcement does not rly make much sense either since almost No one wants to hear about Immortal anyways. I dont see why they would hold up the game for a whole year when the game has been ready for months unless there are serious issues going on with Immortal. I think NetEase wants microtransactions and Blizzard knows that it would completely destroy their reputation. Its not like releasing it along side with D4 announcement this year will make the disaster from last year go away at all.


Nearly 10 months since this was stated and we’re about half way through September.

Have they actually shown anything during this time? I’ve mostly lost interest and haven’t kept track.

If nothing then this is lining up to be another dump of bullcrap on top of their commitment to listen and engage.


Cant wait for the post of neverlistens after blizzcon when they show their new stuff sayng, see? we heared you.


The original Diablo being made available on GOG. D3 going to the Switch. And Diablo on your phone. I think that was it? That was what they meant by “the forges are burning hot”.

A port of a game we already played 7 years ago was the best thing they had. I hope that if there’s anything else in their forge, they just scrap it, and go back to the drawing board and start making stuff for Diablo fans. Because so far they’ve made promises, talked a big game, and did nothing at all.

DO SOMETHING, Blizz. Stop sitting there in complete silence, and talking absolute rubbish when you break the silence.


we have had multiple books, immortal being announced. multiple plastic tat, the switch port, new tshirts and hoodies.

thats you’re multiple projects and the word projects is the point im making here, they have never said games. and no i dont like it anymore than you do but you cant moan at them for not showing you D4 because they said multiple projects. if they had said multiple games then sure moan away.


Yeah no, those are not your multiple projects, we all know Blizzard better than that.

Hence why we are likely waiting another 10 years from D3 launch to get D4…which would only be 3 short years away.


Show us proof.
And no, we don’t know Blizzard, at all.


Think you have your rose tinted glasses on. This is now Acti-Blizz. This isn’t the company that made an April fool’s joke about announcing a mobile title as their game for one of their key mobile titles, this is now a company that actually announced a mobile title as their game for one of their key franchises, and when they did it, they were shocked at all the hate they received.

Old Blizz is dead. Old Blizz was gamers making games for gamers. New Blizz is business majors making predatory micro-transaction machines for the enrichment of their stock holders.

Those are the multiple projects.
A lore book
an art book
A port of D3 to yet another console
A rumored comic rumored to be cancelled
A rumored Netflix Saturday morning cartoon
A mobile trash game partnered with NetSleaze for their Chinese market
A remaster of D1 farmed out to another company
Some minor content added to D3 assumed to be by the Classic Games division

There are probably some things left unannounced, such as D2 remaster (since they have done all the other games), and a rumored, pipe dream that could be D4. Even Blizz isn’t dumb enough to put out a hype video where what they actually mean is announced well over a year later.

As much as the fan boys want to cry NOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS CAN’T BE IT NOOOOOOOOO! This is it. Sorry, Darth Vader is your father.


Wow, that’s like the opposite of awesome.


Thank you for summing it up perfectly, Alexismad. These are impassionate MBAs angling to make a buck any way they can. This franchise is nothing more than a math problem to them.

0 percent of their “product pipeline” has to do with passionate gamers making stuff for other passionate gamers. Simply put, they aren’t gamers. They aren’t fans. They have a “us vs. them” mentality, and the contempt they have for this community is palpable. The only reason this thread is allowed to remain open is because they get a kick out of trolling their own community - as their inaction since November 2018 proves. They can’t play their games without a place to play them after all, and so, this thread remains.


In other words they’re the Empire while we’re the Rebellion… :roll_eyes:


They are not the multiple projects because they were not done by Blizzard. The only thing so far is DI and there has been some decent D3 news, but D3 at this point can hardly be called a project.

Looks guys, I get it. You like to rip the company because you feel wronged for having built up self hype for no reason, but a company is not going to say they have multiple things in the works if they are not being done by the company, that is simply not how business works.


You can very easily play musical chairs with tunnel visioned MBAs from any industry and end up with the same result i.e. glorified bean counters that care only for profits and looking after the shareholders.


We need to start a Doomsday clock lol

I cannot wait for this to go sideways. It’s gonna be the Gamers’ Apocalypse.


Incorrect. If any company authorizes a project, then farms out some or all of a project, they still take credit for the project. Companies farm stuff out all the time. D1 remaster was done by another company, but it was approved by them. It is their project, just the work was done by someone else.

No one in their right mind releases a hype video to content starved fans for projects that are going to be announce 2-5 years from now. They release they hype video for things that were going to be announced shortly before, during, and immediately after Blizzcon.

You also notice they used a extremely vague term like “projects”. They never said “games”. They used “projects” to apply to anything they authorized a release of. Building the Space Shuttle was a project, but so is cleaning up the yard and taking the junk to the landfill. Yes, all the items I listed above are projects.

Um, no. I rip the company for over-hyping then under-delivering based on the hype they generated. Several people on this forum didn’t go into hype train mode until Blizz released a hype video. They set the hype in motion, not us. Even with the hype video, I set the bar super low last Blizzcon and was thinking Druid DLC. They even massively under-delivered on that.

When you put out extremely vague hype videos, people are going to have to speculate on what they mean. Some people are going to be conservative with their speculations, some are not. Blizz knows how this hype got out of control with the 4 sided dice thing 3 years ago. People jumped right to D4 and many were very upset when all that was announced was a Necro DLC. They then put out the vague hype video, what were they expecting? The fans to go “OMFG I HOPE THIS MEANS A MOBILE TRASH GAME FULL OF PREDATORY MICRO-TRANSACTIONS!!!”? The fans were going to go straight to D4. They created this mess, not the fans.

They have a marketing team. They pay them lots of $$$$. When they continue to do really, really stupid things, they are going to get backlash. That is simply how business works.


The way ther camera zoomed in on Nevalisits as she said the “multiple projects” line. The knowing smile she gave the camera as she said it.

You can’t really blame the Diablo fans for thinking they were talking about D4 given the circumstances. Even just a cursory look at the forums over the years would tell Blizzard we wanted D4 and/or D2 remastered. Nobody, not a single person, was clamoring for hoodies.

This was entirely on Blizzard.


well not too long to go now before we find out something, maybe.

im expecting a diablo 4 announcement, some video or some such but NO gameplay or solid info other than its coming.

the big mic drop moment will be immortal being released at blizzcon i bet and that will be it.

im just waiting to see how locked down the diablo q and a (thats if they actually have one) will be. been saying it for a week or two now after lordfluffy not getting a invite this year that actiblizz is going to be censoring what is asked and anyone asking will be a paid shill streamer who will have had to sign something to agree to only ask what they have said they will ask.