A Quick Word from Blizzard


We want to start by saying we hear you .

Since the moment we stepped into the office on Monday, we have been discussing everything Diablo non-stop. We’re fully committed to listening and engaging—so please keep the constructive feedback coming. Our primary focus right now is poring over that feedback to inform internal discussions, and we’ll follow up with further thoughts as soon as we can.

That was posted on November 7th, 2018. It feels like history now. The follow up on November 28th got a bit more vague on the timing of “providing feedback”:

We continue to read feedback and our internal discussions are ongoing. We have many plans for Diablo across multiple projects which we’ll be revealing over the course of the coming year. We are eager to share more about all of our projects, but some will have to wait as we prefer to show you, rather than tell you, about them. It’s going to take some time as we strive to meet your expectations, but now, more than ever, we are committed to delivering Diablo experiences the community can be proud of.

  • The Diablo Teams -

We want to hear you too.

For reference:


I was specifically promised I could be the cynic on the new forums. To be fair, it seems it’s Activision that has it out for us. The D3 development team, when there was one, was very surprised they were pulled after Reaper of Souls. I can understand how that was crushing for morale. I just hope whoever gets the baton for D4 has a more concise vision of the game.


The problem with taking on an established franchise is that you have to balance the decisions from marketing while trying to please existing fans. That is a tough thing to do.


We have many plans for Diablo across multiple projects which we’ll be revealing over the course of the coming year.

I feel it would help with transparency if we could get either a time table, or an incomplete list of projects which have been accomplished, or are still in development. It wouldn’t even have to be named projects, but at least knowing how far along Blizzard has come to completion would help the community a lot. I will give example.

  • News about D3 Seasons themes - Accomplished.
  • An Amibo for the Switch - Released.
  • The Book of Adria - Released.
  • D3 patch with some QoL changes - Accomplished.
  • Diablo Art book announced - Due out this Fall.
  • Diablo 1 released on GoG - Released (No Mac version).
  • Diablo 1 Hellfire just released on GoG - Released (No Mac version).
  • Diablo 4 - Rumoured to be in the works. We will update periodically with info as it becomes available.
  • Diablo Immortal - Release date TBD.
  • Unnanounced Project - In development.
  • Unnanounced Project #2 - In development.
  • Unnanounced Project #3 - In development.

Even if you have nothing to say on a subject, let us know you are aware of it. Heck even time stamp beside each point the last time you acknowledged that something is on your radar. It wouldn’t have to be a daily, or even a weekly thing, but updating us every month that you know that a topic is still on our minds goes a long way. “Day 207, we still realize you want to know about project X. We have no new updates. We will post this again a month from now unless we have more news. Tuesday, July 9, 2019, 1:56 PM CST.”


I’m from Europe and followed the original thread over the course of the last months.
It’s so incredible sad to let one of the core parts that made Blizzard a grad company down.

I would love to see the fans to go to equally drastic measures at the next Blizzcon to show this discontent. Just to show that this way to approach this loyal fans is not ok.
I’d be amazed if the crowd would do something like turning their back on the stage at Blizzcon if something from the Diablo universe is revealed.


These we know about and you got from here https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20772047024?page=3#post-48 and there was another post that had Immortal in the list. I tend to get repetative.

The rest is not at all clear or announced yet. Lots of speculation there. We only know that there is some sort of Unannounced Project for Diablo. It could be D4. It could be something else. We don’t have any evidence that I know of for second or third projects.

They are not going to tell us anything at all until the senior mgt is good and ready to announce their new game/projects. It won’t happen on the forums for sure. It will be at a big conference like Blizzcon.


It’s purely hypothetical. I am not saying D4 is a sure thing, but I doubt Blizzard is letting rumours fly, and not quashing it outright for a reason. I understand if they don’t want to announce a nameless project that has a 50% chance of being canceled, but I would have more respect for them if they were that honest with us.

“Hey guys, we still got 4 more things planned that we haven’t told you about.” “Oh dang, one of those 4 projects we mentioned won’t be happening.” I would not be disappointed because we didn’t have any details. But at least I would know that they weren’t done with the franchise.


Seeing as how the criteria for what’s a “Diablo project” seems to be anything with the Diablo name on it, can we also expect these new forums to be presented as one of the Diablo projects?

There is probably less snark than you imagine in my question at this point.


No. It has nothing to do with the Diablo Dev team. It is a project that the Web Team who handle the whole set of Blizz websites did. They have been working on migrating the forum software to this Discourse format for over a year. Started with Overwatch and finally got to Diablo 3. The Web Team worked with the Community Team (Nevalistis, etc.) as far as coordinating it.

The Web team is the one who has this on their project schedule and will be getting credit for it.


Interesting. So the criteria for a Diablo project is it comes from the dev team? As in video game dev team? But haven’t people been listing books as part of the Diablo projects? How do I make a confused emoticon on this thing? Help an old guy out.

Ah, what’s it matter anyway. Totally arbitrary, ultimately. All any of it is is a best guess. That’s all we’ve got.


A Diablo project has to be related directly to the Diablo franchise. The Web Team updating every single forum on the Blizzard web site has nothing to do with the individual games nor is it handled by the D3 Dev, production, marketing, PR, etc.

It is purely an IT project.


They need to hear this,I refuse to play a pc game on 5-6 inch phone screen when my 24 inch plus monitor with dolby surround sound is so much better.Beside how the heck am I suppose to read the group text on that tiny thing.


I look forward to any news or update at this point. I think most of what we want from Diablo 4 is pretty much stated already - the 5000+ posts thread on the old forum covered it. It is a lot to read I suppose…


Its really sad. I agree with you 100%


I read most of it myself within a week, and even contributed to the posting, there has been upcoming a year and i havent heard much of anything remotely engaging to any ideas, questions or thoughts.


Too bad that thread not carried over here to new forum :joy:


The old thread not carrying over was expected.

It says a lot about the current company management and how far Blizzard has fallen since their glory days.


The fall knows no bounds.

We should expect everything from them.


Can this be stickied as well? It shouldn’t fall off page 1.

Just laughable how a forum migration happens faster than a single word about their “engagement” :joy::joy: Really, great you guys from Activision Blizzard.


coming soon, blizzcon hype video no doubt and more “multiple projects” would be nice if the community team could address the original post from 8 months ago, or is that that now. if so just be straight with the community rather than letting others who dont get paid for this try to explain away why we hear nothing.