A Quick Word from Blizzard


They are so engaged they can NOT speak ROFL.

But they nevertheless can HEAR hahhahooho.


Yeah, and they can not wait to show us what is in the making in the “hot burning forges”…I’m afraid they forgot that they had something in there, and now it’s burned to a crisp.

Must be a hard time, when you can’t wait for something, and…wait 7 Months nonetheless :slight_smile:


Fire fire, burning bright, :fire::fire:

In the forges of the night; :fire::hammer_and_pick:

What “Immortal” hand or eye, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::eye:

Could frame thy fearful symmetry? :framed_picture::fearful:

In what distant deeps or skies. :ocean::cloud:

Burnt the fire of thine eyes? :fire::eye:

On what wings dare he aspire? :bird::person_climbing:

What the hand, dare seize the fire? :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::fire:

And what shoulder, and what art, :man_shrugging::art:

Could twist the sinews of thy heart? :muscle::broken_heart:

And when thy heart began to beat, :broken_heart::heartbeat:

What dread hand? and what dread feet? :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::footprints:

What the hammer? what the chain, :hammer_and_pick::chains:

In what furnace was thy brain? :fire::brain:

What the anvil? what dread grasp, :hammer_and_pick::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Dare its deadly terrors clasp! :biohazard::fearful:

When the stars threw down their spears :star2::chopsticks:

And water’d heaven with their tears: :potable_water::sob:

Did he smile his work to see? :smiley::man_office_worker:

Did he who made the Lamb make thee? :sheep::poop:

Fire fire burning bright, :fire::fire:

In the forges of the night: :fire::hammer_and_pick:

What “Immortal” hand or eye, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::eye:

Dare frame thy fearful symmetry? :framed_picture::fearful:


Just shamelessly bumping to keep this up top. Activision Blizzard, we’d love it if we could say “WE hear YOU aswell”… but unfortunately, you don’t say anything that could be heard… get a grip guys!


I just want my druid back. :pleading_face:


Glad to see someone brought this over. Seems almost fitting that it’s no longer in blue text since it never felt like it meant anything anyway. Hard to add to something that’s been so thoroughly discussed other than to say I’m still disappointed that this is the new reality.


Yeah… still not stickied… kinda tells you how much they REALLY care about feedback (hint: not at all -,-)


Dont believe their lies, they only care for China $$$$$$$$$$$


I wonder if they will have answers before Blizzcon. I am betting though that this will never be acknowledged again, and even after Blizzcon they will pretend this never happened. :bearded_person:t6:


8 months no further communication since the blizzcon, this is not improved communication nor transparency. You’re gonna make a year at this rate.


bump #wewillnotforget


Just a heads up bud, I want them to keep this thread alive as much as you do, but bumping is against the rules here. Instead let’s ask them to sticky this thread.


Just putting my voice here with the others, hoping for some news on the Diablo Immortal/Diablo4/Diablo II remake thingie… and to get no answers for what… 8 months?

It’s good that you hear us, but we deserve more than an average of one post per 4 months that contains no worthwhile information whatsoever. In order to keep the community engaged (in a positive way, at least), then you’re gonna have to do MUCH better than that.

That aside, thanks for allowing everyone to post on this forum, and not only those with an active WOW subscription.


Why in the world do you think this forum would be limited to only those with WoW subs? That only applies to the WoW forums outside CS, TS, and New Player.

Anything we hear will be at a major event. They don’t announce new games, major expansions, etc, via the forums. They never have.


Committed :x:

Listening :x:

Engaging :x:

That’s what’s happened in 8 months; a whole lot of nothing but contempt for the very people that keep them in business.


They’ve always had contempt. That’s why they’ve commonly referred to negative feedback as “noise” in interviews. The old forums made one thing very clear to me: If what you said wasn’t a bug report, wasn’t positive (see the “I love the rapid fire buff” thread) or if an MVP with a personal friendship with Blizzard didn’t intervene and bring an issue to light, it didn’t get an ounce of attention. I don’t mean to make waves, but history shows that’s simply the observable truth. They don’t reply to the tough issues. If what you have to say isn’t sycophantic or a softball, you’re just “noise.”

And even with the fresh start the new forums brings, it still appears to be Blizzness as usual. It’s like there’s no understanding on their end that the people who are upset aren’t merely trolls, they’re fans, and the criticisms are coming from a place of love. Yeah there’s unconstructive posts, sure, but no product ever became great by the company only hearing and responding to the positive sentiments.


Don’t forget when the Booing was referred to as " fan reaction was muted to the announcement". Noise would be preferred to them pretending like people are not upset.


Must not upset the investors. If they do, the suits won’t get the Ferraris they don’t deserve.


will be entertaining if we get booing this year at blizzcon, maybe that will be referred to as muted as well.

just have to wait for next month now and see if we get a hype “it wasnt a hype” video again mentioning them furnaces burning hot, even though its hot with cash grabs and no actual Diablo 4 game.


And yet they SAID they would be fully commited to engage.
Now, if they never say anything worthwhile on the forums, might I ask what on earth this sentence from them meant?