A Good Take on Personal Loot & Loud Purists

I think the anti-change crowd are also completely out of touch with reality of what VV IS willing to do though. The changes suggested in their recent survey are pretty huge:

(not ploot though. still don’t need that. :stuck_out_tongue: )


The NO CHANGES crowds a myth. That group is really, a “I am happy with whats been promised” Crowd.

I want the shared stash. I want the No Character Expire, I want the Global Servers, I want the New Graphics. I want what the company is literally marketing the game as.

I dont want system overhauls. Giant additions of content that arent in the game, thats being remastered.

Version Population (EU + NA) Definition
1.08 - 1.10 ~400,000 Loud minority
1.10 - 1.14 ~40,000 Silent majority

I’m stealing that. If it ain’t broke reskin it.

Qol changes are fine. Ploot and core mechanics are not.

People complaining about picket want ploot which is basically pickit. I do the work you get free loot. How fun.


I think with the accessibility news release they said “We’re making the game easier to play, not easier.” I hope they have this motto pasted on every devs monitor that are going to make changes.

Yes I’d like to see Hydras become viable in Hell, but I don’t want them becoming stupid OP versus what is now possible.


You know whats really a myth? The plooters claiming that 90% of everyone used Pickit to “steal all the loot” and thats why its needed. I played the game for over a decade and never had any trouble getting loot in public games lol.

PS. You know whats sad? i posted a thread full of great Diablo humor & Lore videos and not a single comment, then i post this video about ploot and people start swarming like locusts despite everyone saying how “sick of it” they are. lol. :roll_eyes:


Lol exactly. Its a scare tactic to get people who never played on their side.

There might be 1 or 2 that I ran into. What you do is join a new game. Simple.

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yeah, if pickit was such a plaque, I should NEVER have gotten gear in a free game.

I have gotten Annis, hotos, nigmas, ctas in free games lol

Given away my share of stuff over the years aswell.

I feel like most of the pickit crying is what it always is in games when you lose out on something.

People instantly, start screaming Cheater!

Happens in Counter Strike, if you do to well, happens in any game were there is Player interact really.

People cant accept the fact that other people Might be Better or More Lucky then them.

During the closed beta weekend, There was already people screaming and claiming people were using pickit constantly.
Its like “Really? Oh its the laggy as beta servers we are on…”


You ran into picket often if you were just following baal or chaos bot run games. But lets face it, you dont get to have an angry reaction when you are following a bot and it uses… a script to pick up the items… its like How do you THINK that bot even Works?


Nope. I got enough gear. If I don’t get an item its ok. This game is already easy to gear.

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Exactly. I had to stop joining “free” games because i got too much stuff for zero work even though those games insta-filled up and the people would just toss items on the ground at random.

If “everyone”, or even a large portion of people used Pickit, how was i able to steal so many things before them? I’ve seen some people get to the loot wicked fast who were probably using pickit, but 90%? 50%? No, not even close. Id say less than 5% of people used pickit from my observations and joining thousands of public games.


Bahahaha I love how it went from every reason possible to now:

Cheating isn’t that bad….
I barely saw it.
If you got cheated on it’s your fault!

Whatever… it’s not at launch anyways.
Will it be put in at some point … yeah… probably.


It wasn’t that bad. Stop joining a bot game. Go make friends. Play with other humans

So many options but instead you want your way with ploot.

How about you go tell rod to make an anti cheat.

Or go to a private game so its your safe space.

If you are literally following a Bot running off of a script, turning around and then complaining the Bot YOU are following around, is running of a script and picking up items.

Its pretty stupid.

Thats the “it hurts when i stare into the sun!”

Well then Stop staring into the sun?

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Anytime they were slow a “bot” took it. They use it as an excuse to scare people who haven’t played.

Oh how about everyone of you saying.

Play private or with friends solves everything.

Then now you’ll say “I didn’t get cheated on…how did I get the loot I got?!?”

Cause you were playing solo or with friends….
Omfg how did he conclude that?!??!? David Blain!! Woooooow

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I played public. Thanks for making a story up.

Didnt I just say Free games? Those are public games dude. Have you played online?

If pickit was some wide spread horror like many of the ploot advocates state, that the games systems must be altered to combat its usage. When in reality it Wasnt Wide Spread, kinda defeats the need to change the systems.

Its the same logic that gun manufactures use.

Politicians - “Congress wants to ban rocket launchers.”

Gun makers - “They are going to TAKE AWAY ALL YOUR GUNS!”

Its nonsense.

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it’s funny you mention this because it reminds me of how the anti-personal loot people look when talking about how it will ruin ffa for everyone.

It is the exact same knee jerk response from the gun manufacturers and owners use when people ask for Background checks or limits put on guns.

They all just cry no they are trying to get rid of all guns from everyone this is the worst thing ever we can’t let it happen.


We don’t look like anything. It’s a core mechanics in a 20 year old game. You don’t like it that’s fine.

Ploot is horrible and nobody has a way to implement it without you asking for higher drop chances and class allocated loot.

Your not listening. nobody wants ploot.