90 to 99 experience table

Does anyone else here feel that the experience gained during the highest levels should be toned down just a little bit? The grind to 99 is so brutal and most of us don’t have the time we used to back in high school. I think it’s something like 4500 hell Baal runs with 8 people and not dying to go from 98 to 99?

I’m not for making the game easier by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems like they could bring down the experience required at high levels down just a tad.



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It’s an endurance run to get to 99. Bots in LoD have regularly reached 99 in about 3 weeks time, or roughly 504 hours of playtime. Now this is very likely the ‘perfect’ setup with 8 players doing constant Baal runs.

I’m fine keeping it as it is. If the ladders go to three months (~2160 hours) and someone has the time and dedication to get their character up to 99 in that allotted time frame, they get the bragging rights.

My goal is to get to 90. Anything higher is icing on the cake. I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to the game to reach 99.


As a Classic player I just want to say, you have no idea how good you have it :smiley:

The grind to 99 is fine in LoD, in my eyes.


It’s not bad but idk. I have mixed feelings. I know you can use anni and Ondal’s and exp shrines to help out. Also don’t like how necros level slower by default than the rest of the characters. :frowning:

It was designed to be brutal and not achievable for most of the players.

You asking exactly for making it easier. Lvl 99 is not for everybody.


It’s not so much “easier” as “less time consuming”

I’ve been to 99…I won’t ever do it again. It wasn’t “harder” than lvl95, but yeah, I guess people use those terms interchangeably in Arpgs so…sure.


Well if its more time consuming then its more harder cus you have more chance to die and lose xp.


Man, everyone instantly wants to jump down your throat for a small change to make things ‘easier’ for people that don’t have nearly the time they used to. Everyone needs to settle down a little.


Nobody was agressive here. You told you dont want to make the game easier. That was a lie cus you want to reduce the xp need for lvl 99. And if you have less time that has nothing to do with game design. That is well… only a “you” problem.


I simply disagree that difficulty has anything to do with a player getting to 99. It is a grind, but your character is able to do pretty much the exact same thing at 90 for most specs.

Now, if we talk about being the first player of a given class, it actually becomes a test of difficulty, because there are speeds at which you need to clear certain content before your char is virtually indestructible, and hitting fast chaos can be tough with certain classes.

But whatever, it’s a minor semantical nitpick. This game isn’t hard unless you make it hard on yourself, by imposing goals or time restrictions. First hardcore char to “X” for example, can be more difficult, but 99 on its own is not a difficult feat, just time consuming.


Nope, anything worth doing shouldnt be easy.
Manual grind to 99 is rewarding


Lets see. You need 4500 baal run to get lvl 99. Or you need 3500. 4500 chance to die and lose xp vs 3500 chance to die and lose xp. Not the gameplay is harder. The extra 1000 times you need to evade death. That is harder.

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Well, not everyone has 12 hours a day for 3 or 4 months to get to 99, if that’s how long ladders will be now. I’m not sure many people even can hit 99 without hacks or dupes or bots in that time frame. Also considering many people like to play more than one class each season. A 1% reduction in exp required wouldn’t hurt anyone.

True, but here’s the thing. If they give 1%, those that have a little less time will start clamoring for more reduction… Then its 2%, then 5% and so on. Then we’ll have 99’s in a few days. It’s sort of the same scenario that happened with Diablo 3 when it comes to damage.


I don’t think I came close to dying even once from 95-99…but even if I did I still don’t think difficulty is a factor in the slow grind to 99. The end game content is so easy in D2 it’s laughable…if you’re going as fast as possible and taking crazy risks to become #1 on ladder, sure I guess that’s more difficult, but 99 in a 6 month ladder? difficulty isn’t an issue.

As far as Arpgs go, D2 leans towards the easier content. D3 solo Grifts at least pose the risk of death.

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Yes I can see how people would want more. A slight change wouldn’t be game breaking at all. Would be nice to actually see people reach 99 before it ends each season. And no, this game is not hard haha. 20+ years of playing it, I can safely say that.

I actually like that in Classic, many times when ladder ends there is no 99, especially for certain classes.

I’m especially looking forward to them keeping old ladders searchable, to try to better your last, or compete with the last ladder’s leader.

This is going to be a lot of fun.


You rly dont understand or you just dont want to understand? This is the game design. This was the game’s goal.

The game dont need many players to reach lvl 99. Acutally the game dont need anybody on lvl 99. That is a simple milestone if you are dedicated to the game. Only cus lvl 99 is achievable that dosent means automaticly that everybody should reach lvl 99.

Ladder’s goal was never that we should see lvl 99 characters. Its goal is a new restart with fresh economy.

Well if this true then you dont have any reason to change the game.


Haha wow. Ok then. Let’s double the exp required to get to 99 then. Make the grind even more fun!

Forget I said anything. You’re right. Let’s leave it be and not have any 99 characters at all. I’m dumb for posting this topic.