90% of D3 Endgame is just Leveling Gems

It’s a bit mind-numbing when you really think about it. You find your chosen set and build items within the first 10-15 hours of the season.

The next 100+ while you’re toiling away to your GR goal (likely 100+) is grinding for Ancients, grinding gem ranks to augment those Ancients, and repeating this procedure until desired goal is reached. During this entire process you are mostly speed farming GRs and spamming Rifts to upkeep your stone quantity and there’s 0 challenge.

I wish D3 was a bit deeper than this…


Oddly enough for a game that’s about farming loot, I don’t think Diablo has ever really had what I’d call a “good” endgame.

Even Diablo 2, as good a game as it is, is basically just farming the same handful of bosses.

Hopefully Diablo 4 can offer more variety while not reducing it to just a grind for number upgrades on gear you already had.


Quite the revelation OP…I had never realized that until just now. Thank You…


Aren’t you just 6 years too late OP?


Diablo 2 also had PvP as an end game for some. Or merchanting/trading to build wealth for some others. That’s all lacking in Diablo 3…


Fixed it for you. You’re welcome!


What are u talking about? There is also paragon farming. It is so diversify. :stuck_out_tongue:


D3 needs more different game modes.

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This is the game. What I wish is that there were WAY more different types of dungeons and that you could actually pick the type you wanted to do. I really hate some of the types of dungeons I get and it just makes me log when I get those for an hour straight.

I would also like to see more “purpose” in an end game. Like if i could farm something that would give me 100% what I wanted, that would be better than “oh looks like 10 more drops of shard loot, gee that was fun” every GR run.


But you weren’t trading g anything for wealth without farming the same crap over and over.

My vote: Make Campaign Mode Viable!


I don’t mind the grind for paragon and/or gem leveling. I just wish that there were more ways of doing so that were almost as viable as greater rifts.


Next quarterly update I want to see what endgame activities they are looking at besides dungeons and general farming.


I actually love the mind numbing speed rifting and gem leveling at some times. When I am in a mood where I just need to shut off and either ignore problems/stresses of life or just want to not think while having this slight tiny sense of doing something.

But then again I took an almost three year break from the game so guess it is just a phase now. Until you play a few hours last night and get an ancient weapon and belt and hey there you have 12% more damage and 11% more toughness than before.


technically you could farm cows, pits, lower kurast super chests, ancient tunnels, mausoleum, keys for ubers, arcane sanc to kill ghosts for higher rune drops, travincal… I wouldn’t say you were farming a ‘handful of bosses’, the difference to me is when you do greater rifts you are 0-100% linear to boss, in d2 you farm areas with intent --> I intend to look for a stone of jordan --> farm nightmare andy, you want facets & gold --> make find item barb --> farm trav, want a shako? --> farm hell andy & meph…

So yeah, d2’s end game is more versatile then just rifts/grifts/paragon farming, heck they even streamlined the hellfire amulet by making it all have sockets right? I doubt anyone consistently spends 20+ hours farming those now…

Don’t get me wrong I still have the occasional seasonal fun in d3 but its less about farming endgame and more about unlocking a builds potential. Farming end game in d3 sucks, my hands literally hurt from picking up deaths breaths after a week of playing… or worse, having to make a zdps just because my character doesn’t fit the meta and I can’t get any groups for exp. Atleast in d2 I can pretty much entirely play solo when killing and join trade when I need something, d3 did some things great but it feels REALLY disconnected and breaks immersion. You can’t trade, mercs are solo , gem leveling is linear, paragons linear, the whole game experience is a linear progression is basically chasing an asymptote, you’ll never get that 100% perfect gear and if you are chasing the same piece of gear with .00001% better stats just to be ‘complete’ then i’m sorry --> my time is worth more and so should yours.

EDIT: Forgot to say this, while d3 progression is linear --> all fine and dandy you do you, d2 was more enjoyable because you are farming rare things so you can EXPERIENCE the game in a different way, like enigma, or beast, so you could use these items and play the game in a different way, seeing how OP this skill could get when you have +28 to all skills… Vastly different reward mechanism’s at play here.


You are the problem. Had you seek challenge while leveling gems (read: do high rifts and not think too much on farm efficiency), you would have more fun from the journey. You want it fast and easy. Hence, shallow.

Ardim, while I agree with much of what you say, I urge you to remember the kind of game this has become. Diablo III is not an RPG, action or otherwise. Somebody (I forget who) once called it “an arcade blaster with RPG elements”. I think it’s even simpler than that.

Diablo III is Gauntlet with extra steps. Take away the gem and paragon grind and there really will be no point to endgame play.


It’s really no different than any other ARPGs that have endgame. You build your character, you farm for gear and repeat. Sure they way you build characters is different but in the end you are just mob blasting for gear. D3 just made it more fun.

Poe does this better.

I mean they are both just throwing random maps at higher difficulty but Poe has layers of choice that diablo doesn’t t have.

Diablo = 3 gems , Poe I have 16 on my character.

Diablo 2 stats that matter… Main stat and either armor giving or resist giving stat.

Poe… So so many possible stat combinations. Builds are being theory crafted all the time.

Diablo is going the wrong way. In diablo 4 it wouldn’t surprise me to have 1 stat, one build and use 1 button.

The God build conformed they are oversimplifying. One build one button good at everything.

The whole leaderboard is one build already.
If only Poe had the smooth movement of diablo.

Right now diablo is. Weapon * hours played = damage. Wonder why bottling is rampant.


I’ve been playing PoE for a long time. There is an abysmal difference in content, in game modes between them.
D4 should be inspired by PoE on this issue.

What keeps me in D3 is its superior gameplay and multiplayer.

Unfortunately, in just a few hours we managed to get our build, get our gems up to lvl25 (which gives us their secondary power), what we have left is min-max our items / gems and compete in leadeboad, which is currently more and more trivialized.

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