65mb patch today

What was it, and what’s it for?

I’m unsure what the “compliance update” refers to but the stability and performance improvements almost certainly center around the FMOD64.DLL freezing issue that affects Windows users and (hopefully) the slow inventory and character sheet icon loading issue that plagues both platforms.

Well it certainly didn’t fix the stuck-on-retrieving-toon-list on Asia server, and didn’t fix the loading of a month-old challenge rift instead of the current one.


That’s on the Battle.net end, not the client end, which is what this patch was, a client patch.

There was a PTR pop-up a week or 2 ago where the devs asked us to help them with the freezing issues.

they had gathered data from the community and were working on a build and I’m sure this was that update.

As for the freezing issue, they didn’t explicitly say that fix was in the recent update. Because they gave it so much attention, hopefully when the fix goes out, they will overtly mention it.

Likely this.


All the games have been getting updated these past couple weeks. I saw WoW update yesterday and saw SCR earlier in the week.

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I would expect a rather big anouncement when they fix the lag and fmod issues…

At the very least a mention in such blue post.

They come up with such ‘maintenence’ patches every now and then. Could be also some stuff as a result of windows updates.

Perhaps even some prep work for windows 11.

I hear ya bro,

I play Asia as well and it seems this realm is left in the dungeon where no care exists.

I played all day without using the fmod from heroes of the storm and no freezes. maybe they did fix it.