[Main Thread] Windows 19041 - Freezing for 5-10 seconds

Then how come diablo 3 is the only game crashing for 99% of the ppl with these type of problems? how come it dont crash in 4-5 days and suddenly crashes?
As i said, ive used 10+ windows versions, all from w7, w8, early LTSB to latest “greatest” versions. Tryed with 0 winupdates, tryed with full winupdate, no overclock, ive tryed it all.
About time to make a parody movie about all the fixes ive read about and tryed.

Its not. The rare occasions of posters that made a thread posting about locking up/crashing fixed there problems by installing updated c++ redistributables.

Your c++ redistributable installs should look like this:


when using 1709 and this, you shouldnt crash or have freezes anymore. But patch is on the way anyways.

I cant sort out your specific problem without knowing tons of more info. Could be anything from conflicting software stuff running in the background you all of a sudden install again and again, up to hardware problems.

But dont be mad at me, its not my fault, just bringing the bad news to you. Its not like everyone is crashing left and right, problem was more that people are getting 5-10s freezes.

In my clan several ppl have died to crash this season already, and i did a checkup with my friendslist:

Q: Did you have any problems with crash/freeze s24?

10:36 AM
had 1 10 sec freeze + 1 crash Rip

9:05 AM
yes only one

9:56 AM
mouse outside the screen on windows desktop
lost 2/3 char
process runing but stuck on desktop
progam no answer
and no error from message

10:05 AM
1 freeze 2 crash. Rip
tested some things to prevent but nothing happens
replace dll

10:11 AM
hi, 1 crash and 2 freeze

10:16 AM
i had some little ones, did nothing to prevent it

10:18 AM
Yes, ive had several this season.
“process not responding”
Changed to softcore after rip at gr113

10:21 AM
not for me I play with a different dll
I don’t have a sound
but I doon’t have a chrash or freeze too :slight_smile:

10:33 AM

yea,a few but i started late (3-4 days later)
and didn’t play that much
random freeze and a lot of lag at big mob packs
sometimes had to close the process

10:40 AM

Had one crash

Eggman: i freeze like every 5 rifts

1:17 PM
2 crashes

The list goes on.

people just tend to lie about dying in this game. would be a shame to report a death without a freeze or crash.

diablo 3 is using the restributable package from 2015 as you can see from the msvcp140.dll. first microsoft merged 2015-2019 and this later got replaced by the 2022 redistributable. If youve installed 2015-2019 or both, you have a big problem.

I dont know the people you are playing with and it also doesnt even matter, but if everyone would have these “crash” problems the forums would be full of it, but it isnt. I mean you can have your opinion as much as you like, but its not facts. Its just something that comes to your mind because you have problems and get confirmed by the little amount of people you are playing with. I cant troubleshoot every single person on this planet. I can only give suggestions of what could be wrong. Since im not having this problems but had freezing issues until i researched really deeply into the fmod issue.

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I appreciate your information. Im not mad at you, just not the be able to play the game.
Most ppl who play this game dosnt play for 12+ hours several days in a row. As i said, ive had days without a problems, then suddenly poff, rip. I will try the new packages!

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good luck mate, i cant say that i played 12hrs+ every day lately, but my game runs like butter. Most in a row might had been 8hours but yeah. No sign that something bad could happen.

Also i remind you patch to fix the fmod freezes might hit live servers tomorrow or eventually next week.


Running 1809 since before the start of this season. i7 9th gen, 1080ti, razer chroma… all the things people suggest cause the issue and have NOT had one freeze… once windows tries to force an upgrade, I GUARANTEE it will happen to me…

Prior to this season, I went through issues and issues of this happening… also… ps: it’s a PitA to force windows to NOT update.

There is noticeable stutter when running Firebird Wizard with >32 sound channels, with a lot more ‘FMOD sound ready after x ms’ lines appearing in D3Debug.

No its not. You can do it permanently with Regedit or Powershell scripts quite easy.
If you dont know how to do this kind of stuff there is help on youtube.

F.e. Chris Titus made an easy PowerShell script which has a Gui with buttons where you can disable Windows updates for 3years and even keep security updates and he also added a button to revert everything if you decide to undo it, so its basically copy an URL paste it into Powershell and click what you need. So if you are using 1809 or above that shouldnt be an issue.

I came to d3 after years…and noticed my game freezes 1-2 times per GR.
I looked for this on the internet and found out that this is a problem for more than 1 year now.

I see a list of programs that overlay with d3. Discord is one of them. THIS IS NOT NORMAL! I WOULD RATHER PLAY POE WITH FRIENDS ON DISCORD THAN PLAY D3 ALONE.

then u don’t know, that blizzard have internal voice chat via Battle.net app, so u dont need discord anymore…

I don’t use discord only for d3. I use it for more things. If they want me to close discord so I can play d3, then i will close d3 to keep using discord.

How can I share my screen on d3? How can I share files on d3? Maybe I am on discord with my friends and I just want to do a few GRs (which is how I came back). Why should I close discord in order to do that properly?

Anyways…your argument is invalid. Why should I close another app so d3 would work? This is a big time failure! Are you really defending this crap development?

Todays Patch fixed the 5-10 second freezes for me!

YAY can play with sound again. No more copying and pasting of the Fmodex64.dll file.

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Since yesterday i have this problem now. My OS is Windows 8.1. Has this patch solved the problem for Windows 10 and shifted it to Windows 8.1 users?

this is quite possible

@Rick7733: Hi !

I would suggest that you start a new topic… just in case Blizzard is no longer monitoring this thread since Patch has been released. Also, the freezing you are encountering could be caused by something else.

A new topic would have more “chance” of attracting Blizzard’s attention.

I would suggest also that you follow the steps we used during the PTR; of course, you will be using the live version since PTR is not available :

and :

Posting your D3Debug.txt file could confirm that you are being hit by the FMOD issue.

You may also want to include your DxDiag report (see Part 2 of Obtaining System Files - Blizzard Support) through Pastebin in your new topic.

Finally, just in case you don’t know how to post screenshots of your video and sound settings… you need to upload your screenshots to a picture hosting website, such as imgur.com, and put a link (converted to preformatted text) in your reply. To convert a link to preformatted text, highlight the entire link and use the </> button on the formatting bar at the top of the composition window.

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Hello everyone!

Just to cap off this thread and wrap it up, this freezing issue was resolved via a patch on August 31st and we now consider the widespread freezing problem fixed. Our Diablo 3 team was able to work together with the community (thank you!) to investigate and test changes via the PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue earlier last month.

If anyone comes across this post in the future and is experiencing a new Diablo III freezing issue, please post all of the details and a DXDIAG report in a new thread.