$60 for a 20 year old game? get real blizz

I already paid for the game now you want me to rebuy it at full price because the pixels are smaller now lmao, yea right blizz, not this time.
Maybe ill buy it in a month when its $10 because the game is 20 years old already lol.
Hilarious that people actually pay for this nonsense.
Why stop there blizz? Anyone stupid enough to fall for this blatent cash grab woudl surely be happy to pay upwards of $100, your even out of touch with your own ideas lmao.
What a mess.

Your opinion is 100% subjective to your financial situation and the value you put on your time and the amount of pleasure you derive in that time frame.

For example: 4 tickets to a movie is $60. That’s 2 hours for 4 people or 8 hours for 1 person of potential enjoyment. If a person buys a $2 coffee everyday for 30 days, and get 15 minutes of pleasure per day, that’s $60 for 7.5 hours of pleasure. Do the math for anything you do to gain pleasure or addictive relief. Cigarettes, joints, alcohol, junk food, streaming services, etc.

I purchased 3 Diablo 2 Battlechests 10 years ago, they were at the time $40 each. Since then I’ve purchased 4 digital copies of the game, one for $20 and 3 others for $25. Then there was the original purchase of LoD 2 decades ago to go with my copy of D2 that was a gift. The amount of time I’ve played to the amount of money spent is by far and away the best money I’ve ever spent in my life.

I’d buy 8 copies of D2:R if I knew they were going to fix the mouse hot keys and if I could both run 8 copies at once using a VM and my rig could handle it. I’d even invest in a new rig that could run the 8 copies. The reason being is that I know if I spent $2K on a new rig and $480 on 8 copies and played an average of an hour a day for the next 5 years, the cost to do so would be less than the price of a coffee per day, yet I’d have infinitely more fun per day playing the game per day than I would spending the same amount of money and time on coffee.

If you don’t like what they’ve done to the game and wouldn’t enjoy playing it, then even if the game was $10, it wouldn’t be a good investment for you.

It’s all subjective to the individual.


It’s $40

Well, here in Brazil it’s $30 because adjust to our economy and whatnot

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It would be better to state how many hours of work at the minimum per hourly rate it would take to purchase it.

The other general comparison rate is the average, or lowest rental price.


4 hours work at the minimum rate here.

equivalent to 1 day of rent.

Warcraft 3 Reforged was R$70,00 in Brazil.

Why did you buy so many copies of the same game? Bot or Map Hacking banning your account?

And it was an awful game that didn’t deliver what it promised. D2R may have it’s issues, but at least every single thing it promised (such as new completely 3d graphics and completely remade cinematics) is delivered. The game has AAA quality even though I do think the price isn’t the most competitive for our country, it’s also about the same as you would expect something like an EA game or a Bethesda game to release for

I’ve never used a hack or script in my life. Nor have I ever had an account banned on bnet. Everything I do or have done on bnet is 100% legit. I don’t even use jsp.

Lots of banned accounts on Blizz forums though.

Ban on Forum, ban you game account?

No, it doesn’t. And to be fair you can get banned on forums for fairly silly reasons

No, I have a lot of D2 accounts because of how I play the game on bnet. I’m a solo ladder player, but in order to remain competitive I buff my game experience by bring 7 mule characters into my games.

As an example, Omrakos banned my second BearTribe account his last day working for Blizzard. He picked an old troll comment of mine and actioned it. I deserved it though, as I use to give him a hard time for not helping as much as I thought he sould.

In the end, with these new forums, all my banned accounts had their slates cleaned.

see blizzard, your fan base is completely oblivious.
you could have made like $800 off this one idiot alone.
for the second time apperantly, lmao
You sir are the reason gaming is dieing, its not about how much money you make its about how much the game is worth compared to the competition. You dont get it and thats fine, but dont come on the foums trying to flex about having 8 accounts, soon to be 16!!! on a 20 year old game, pitiful, have some self respect.

Your math dollars are off, also, I’d still have 8 accounts as D2:R would be added to existing accounts. I really like when you call me sir, if you ever need financial advice, hit me up.

You could use /players 8 no?

Not on closed bnet, no.

The really funny part is your probly lieing about you personal situation and are a broke 30 year old living in his moms basement lol.
The reality is noone can prove anything in here, so why make up stories about yourself.
If it is true tho i dont blame you for buying so many accounts, if i were terrible at somthing i liked i would probly throw all my money at it too if i could.
Lucky for me im a real gamer, not a wallet warrior.

Thanks so much for updating the forum with a little bit more about yourself.

The most important advice I share with everyone is to exercise your brain. It’s fundamentally no different than exercising your body. Your financial acumen is 100% dependent on the way you think about prosperity. Educate yourself in every way on personal financial growth. In no time at all you’ll find your brain shifts from a poor, lacking and envious mindset to one that sees potential for growth and prosperity everywhere. It’s literally the universal law of currency, but you have to act on it! Because like water, both your brain and money become stagnant if it just sits around getting baked into uselessness! Start with YouTube, there is a wealth of knowledge there, then hit the library. Invest in your brain!

God speed, Sun Shine!

It’s not the same game! It has way better graphics!
… Okay it does use the same netcode engine.
… And okay, it does have a dozen more bugs and new design problems (like that new trade window scam).
… Yeah, it does have the same stale gameplay, but full price is justified, trust me bro!

Ok don’t buy it. Funny how freedom works.