4th Difficulty needed

Do you think we can get them to add a 4th difficulty so there is a reason to get the last 30 or so levels? Don’t need any new items or spells or levels just another difficulty.



Been done, don’t want torment 16. go play hardcore

Try PVP which is largely the end game in this unless you like grinding infinitely, which is what you’re proposing anyway.

Its actually good in this game, or was, before the removed WSG.


You can do 4th difficulty just playing hardcore 100% untwinked solo with underpowered classes.
And I’m not trolling, I assure you that is a LOT of fun indeed.


No we don’t think. Go play Diablo 3.



Adding difficulties ruined Diablo 3.

This is one change I am definitely against.


not really for or against a 4th difficulty but it is odd how the game was basically designed to be able to fit one in. i mean you are meant to finish normal a bit after 20, nm a bit after 40 and hell a bit after 60 and yet you can level to nearly 100 so a difficulty that has an ancient quest with a lvl 80 requirement kind of fits perfectly in.


You had my attention until you said underpowered class. I like casters in all games…sadly in this one the sorc can beat the game naked. I should not have to pick the worst class and play naked to get a challenge.

Oh you can do it with normal classes also!

Just adding another extra layer of difficulty on top of the previous ones.

I once did in one ladder trying to do with all 7 classes and that. Was amazing feeling.

I think there should be a mod for that. But we’ve already been through Jay Wilson’s “we doubled it” nonsense. The game isn’t supposed to be about taking 5 minutes to kill a mob. But no reason to not have a mod.


If you’re not playing hardcore and you want a PVM challenge… go play hardcore.

You’re not going to be beating the game naked there most likely. If you do, make sure to stream it.


It is entirely possible to add your own difficulty simply by playing poorly.

This is NOT a Diablo III clone. Leave D2:R alone!


Absolutely no need for another difficulty.

It will just further show how certain characters dominate the game which will likely lead to not small adjustments but over adjustments. Next thing you know power creep will set in and the game will be d3.

I am for adjustments to the game, and I do enjoy diablo 3, but I do not want that style of gameplay here.

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Normal, NM, Hell

Hardcore normal, nm, hell - thats 6 difficulties


If they add anything new in terms of difficulty I’d rather it be in the form of a new area or new boss fights rather than a 4th difficulty layer slapped on top of what we already have.

Maybe on softcore where you’re just deathrunning over and over.

Most people on these forums requesting changes havnt even beaten the current 3 difficulties…

let the game launch already then pick this up down the road!

I think a 4th difficulty level would be fine. If:

  • Monsters +50% HP/damage from Hell levels
  • +10% player XP bonus from Hell levels
  • Almost nothing drops except GG (maybe a 5-10% improvement to Hell settings)
  • 25% XP penalty on death

You’d play for the challenge, not loot.

I can’t for the life of me understand how people would complain about yet another way to engage this great game, AND in a way that really doesn’t change the gaming experience at all!

And no pLoot in sight! :smiley:

Yup…that’s what ruined diablo 3. :roll_eyes:

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I conjecture that this is not a good idea for Diablo 2: Resurrected.