2 Week Long PTR/middle patch

Still nothing? There are bugs to be fixed and if there are any changes to the new sets and items, even small changes, they have to be tested during the PTR!

Otherwise what the hell is the point of having 2 week long PTR?

I thought part of the purpose of a 2 week PTR was to do at least one iteration on the changes. This may happen; however, if we do not see a PTR patch by Friday night, I think the odds diminish significantly.

If they would have tested the changes that went live on patch 2.6.7, they may have had a better tuned AoV crusader (overbuffed) and ww/rend barb (not buffed enough) builds that went live.

It would be nice if they just say something, i mean at least “we are working on It, you need to be patient, like 1-2 more days” or just “you need to wait until next week”.
I supposed Nev is busy

Nev did post on Feb. 7 that they are consolidating bug fixes/tweaks. I do have nervous energy about her writing “if we’re going to do a PTR patch”.

It’s hard work tweaking some multipliers and changing a few items. First it has to go through 150 different channels to get approved and then the entire code has to be rewritten with the new added changes.

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I’m taking a super fast break from updating the incoming PTR patch notes to let you know that that’s exactly what we’re doing; we are intending to launch another patch during this cycle to get a handful of changes back to you to test for the remainder of the PTR.

Bear in mind that doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily be completely done with the patch. We’d like you to continue testing after this patch to root out any more critical bugs and continue to offer feedback. However, major changes will be more unlikely past this second patch, as the larger the changes, the more it puts the build at risk before it hits live servers.

Just the same, we’re still committed to ongoing balance even past the live deployment of 2.6.8. If something continues to perform too well or not well enough, we can (and likely will) continue to revisit both the new sets and other existing sets at a later date. :slight_smile:

Now, back to HTML and proofreading for me. :heart:


Nevalistis is a bit more active on Reddit than here. Latest comment there from 2 days ago says:

“We’re working on seeing how many fixes we can compile to issue a larger patch for testing and if that’s something we can manage within the PTR time frame. I won’t know for sure when/if that’s happening until a little later this week, but I’ll keep the community updated once I’m more certain.”

Edit: Well this aged worse than milk… what the heck are the chances that I was beat by Nev by 1 minute on the first post in a week…


Thanks Nevalistis. :smile: If Blizzard could reset the leaderboards that would be very helpful to see how things are performng (e.g., the bug to wizards is skewing the solo/group GR clears).

Should I interpret this as that after this upcoming patch things like functionalities of the new sets are locked in? Because when patch 2.6.7 went live, many things were a mess since we couldn’t test them properly before they went live.

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7 min break is over!

Very good. :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Dude I feel you, I don’t touch Reddit, so thanks!

I’d rather you tried. In fact maybe you should have tried sooner lol!

Correct. We’re actively trying to avoid a similar situation to 2.6.7. That’s both why we had the longer testing period and tried to squeeze in an extra PTR patch.

Just sent off the patch notes for approval. Assuming all goes, well, we’re hoping to deploy it tomorrow (CAVEAT: as with all things PTR, there’s always a possibility it gets delayed to next week).

I’ll try to keep ya’ll updated should things change drastically. :slight_smile:


Do patch notes only get released with the patch, or is there a possibility that we’ll get to see the notes today and the patch comes tomorrow?

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give us a little preview!
Curious about the patch… hoping there is atleast 1 suprise:)

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Are we going to see a Leaderboard Wipe on the PTR to have a better chance to see the changes in effect?


Now [LaurensII] you know Nevalistis isnt going to say much on the PTR patch notes. HOWEVER im excited to see the changes from the first ptr patch that was released on the 6th

Thank you for responding with a PTR patch!!

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Thanks to you and the developers for a new PTR patch!!


2.6.8a Or 2.6.8svr incoming.