2.6.7 "Balance"

America 1st place player build:

First Place

Europe 1st place player build:

First place

Asia: 1s place player build:

First place

WW Wastes Highiest GR clear:


8th place - 127 GR Paragon 5496



3rd place - 130 GR Paragon 8034



2nd place - 130 GR Paragon 5092


Best GR clears in 2.6.7 from today on all servers:

Class America Europe Asia
Barbarian 136 136 136
Crusader 148 150 150
Demon Hunter 128 135 132
Monk 131 138 132
Necromancer 130 133 126
Witch Doctor 133 135 137
Wizards 134 136 140

How OP Barbs were in all seasons on America server:

America Server

Season GR Paragon Time Build
18 130 GR 5366 12:53 Hota LoD
17 127 GR 5245 14:21 Hota
16 128 GR 3357 13:35 Raekor Hota
15 121 GR 2863 14:50 Raekor Hota
14 118 GR 2450 13:56 Raekor Hota
13 120 GR 1960 14:53 Raekor Hota
12 121 GR 4047 14:43 Raekor Hota IP
11 107 GR 3171 14:34 WW Wastes IP
10 106 GR 2998 13:01 WW Wastes IP
9 100 GR 2581 14:28 WW Wastes IP
8 99 GR 2168 14:53 Raekor IK Boulder Toss
7 95 GR 1880 13:40 Raekor IK Boulder Toss
6 95 GR 2104 13:29 Raekor IK Boulder Toss
5 90 GR 2781 14:38 IK Raekor Boulder Toss
4 82 GR 2729 13:58 WW Wastes BKO
3 67 GR 1321 14:43 WW Wastes BKO
2 56 GR 997 12:05 Raekor Furious Charge
1 56 GR 835 9:29 Raekor Furious Charge

Barb seems balanced to me, against itself. It’s had a steady increase in progression over the seasons. What seems to be the problem?


That clear was furious charge too, back in season 1 the only viable build was rhino barb.

Also what is the point of this thread? we have a lot of other threads about how unfair was the rend nerf and how broken is HF.

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2.6.8 - Barbarian renamed to Barbie


14 gr level are about 1,17^14 = 9,01 x more HP if I’m correctly… Where is this balanced?

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For clarity, you are comparing AoV crusaders who likely will get the nerf hammer to barbs.

How about you compare barbs to all classes?

The problem right now is that it is still early, but a simple comparison of barbs vs. other classes will not give you your “conclusion” in general.

P.S. Comparing barbs to others right now is not terribly fair due to the number of players pushing each class.

Because you have to balance classes and sader is a class you have to compare against barb. I don’t have the leaderbords available right now but I can compare it against necro and wiz aswell if you want.

We should take a look at how many of the Barbs right now are using the Fjord Cutter that doesn’t work correctly. up to 150% global damage increase right now. Not just slam.

And we all know that Blizz WILL fix that one. Pushing Barbs even further down the ladder.

Oh well… It’s where we belong anyway. :partying_face:

I can’t check that right now since I am not in game. If you are, you can do that by clicking on the top solo barb clears and going to hero details.

i don’t think that people is using Fjord Cutter in WW build, you don’t have space to use it, WW uses Istvans or BK swords, and your cube slot is filled with ambo.

Could try Fjord Cutter, Ambo’s Pride and Echoing Fury. Put the slowest one in the cube, then take Weapon Mastery passive and Windshear rune on WW.

You’re an angel and I love you.

There, I said it.

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Micro so slow now


be prepared to be disappointed s19 date and details are up.