1st GR at level 70... Guaranteed Primal?

No. it can be easily abused to get legendary primals just by clearing GR 1 or 2. you can powerlevel tour character, then do the GR, get, primal, and repeat.

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I don’t know what’s worse, the inaccuracy of this statement or the grammar that was slaughtered to create it.


I just know you’re trolling here but, just in case someone doesn’t realise that’s what you do, let me just say that your reply is wrong.


hey just cause you’re bad at d3 and dont know all the mechanics as well as i do, dont hate on me with your venom.

I am bad at D3 compared to most people. Never claimed otherwise.

I wasn’t aware that I was hating on you with my “venom”

Would you like me to help you with your punctuation and sentence structure to make up for it?


so you just say people are wrong without knowing the facts and admit to being bad at the game, just because you want to troll and spew hate?

Take your toxicity elsewhere, troll.

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The worst part is when you do get a Primal and it is either one that is for a trash item or for an item you need but with poor stats.

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RNG is rng. Got my lvl 70 GR primal AND primal from Kadala gamble right after. Better RNG than I have experienced in all other seasons so far. RNG is rng just saying.


Had something similar happen several seasons ago. I ran 2 sets of bounties early in the season, like maybe a day after hitting 70. Decided to roll just for an ancient Yang’s and got a primal on the second roll. Slapped in a DML and only three rolls later, it was primal too. The Yang’s was perfect, but the DML had a couple of bad affixes but still, was a pretty good quiver considering how early in the season I received it.

Anyway, yeah, RNG can be good or bad.

First rule of being a troll is you don’t get to decide who is a troll. Troll is only something non trolls can decide. Heck I will even settle on actual D3 players being able to decide that.


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I thought the first rule of Troll Club is that you hit people with Troll Club.

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I have gotten one every time I soloed my first GR70 in Season. Only a few have been useful.

Same, except the useful part.

0.0% of my ‘free’ primals have been any use at all.

In the great words of Immorten Joe: "MEDIOCRE."

My GR70 Primal this season was Raiment Boots. Since I use the Raiment 4 Inna 6 Bounty build, I’ll use it. At least it wasn’t an instant salvage as other season’s GR70 Primals have been (Razor Stop, Non Immortality Follower relic, Leoric’s Signet, etc.)

no i dont need a hug, i need the trolls to take their toxic hate elsewhere.

Oh, the irony.
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It’s New Year. Let’s all do better now :heart_eyes: