1st GR at level 70... Guaranteed Primal?

I had the impression that you are supposed to get a guaranteed primal drop on your first level 70 GR. I did NOT get one. Am I missing something?

GR70, not GR at char lv 70.
Your seasonal DH seems incapable to do GR70 yet.


Solo! That is the more challenging part. Also, please be aware the Primal that drops may not be one you feel is fantastic. Anything can drop.


Greater Rift 70, not toon level 70.

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I don’t think that’s a guarantee… I didn’t get any primals until after doing GR75 a couple of times, and even then, the first one I got was off of Kadala. shrug

One guaranteed primal will be dropped when you did the first GR70+ SOLO in SEASON.

No guaranteed primal in non-season. Though primal will be unlocked, just no guaranteed primal.


It’s a guaranteed primal in season only. And only if you do it solo.

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Thank you. Had a feeling I was delusionally tired, lolz. Too many diablo hours today.

Like a follower Item :sob: :rage:

It is guaranteed on the first GR70 Solo for Season.

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Okay, well, I never group (I think I’ve grouped 6 times in 8 years?), so yes, I was solo, and I believe this is only the third season I’ve sat out and never did get that so-called guaranteed primal. (Yes I actively played S21.)

Then again, it’s not the first time in the history of my playing Blizzard games that RNG has decided to screw me. Both primals I’ve been lucky enough to get, were utterly useless. :rofl:

I got a Razor Strop… another season … another worthless primal. May as well not get one.

And only if you do it in time. (15 minutes)


I was so happy it was a 1 handed x-bow on my DH. But it was a useless balefighter, or what ever it’s name is.

I got the very first good guaranteed primal, Traveller’s Pledge. Didn’t get perfect rolls, had Dex, CHD, LPH and socket. Rolled LPH to CHC.

Too bad it’s not an ideal amulet GoD build.

And it’s not per character, it’s per account, per mode. (Also happens on first HC seasonal GR70)

I have had 3 of those as primals.

I kept one with good rolls for an extra fire% item for some unnamed future build.

Wrong, you have to get it to unlock primals period or they won’t drop. That’s the only thing to look forward to not the actual one time drop.

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Yeah, I noticed (Monk Rayment shoulders for my DH).

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you are aware i hope that S21 is the current season?
if so its very obvious why you havent had a primal drop in S21. Its bcs your highest seasonal char is lvl 66

Like most ppl already said the guaranteed drop only aplies to seasonal play not non season


You’re right. I meant season 20. facepalm

But, still. :rofl: