Arachyr impossible to kill Skandiel or Hamelin

I thought people were using the on-death explosion effect of the Shard to murderate summon bosses.

The “on-death explosion” (Essence of Anguish) is fun in T16, but when you want to push with Arachyr, Dregs of Lies is… ha ha… primordial

The issue isn’t specific to just this one pet build. Other pet builds (like Inna monk) are likely affected as well and for the same reasons. That’s a fair issue to discuss, since the balancing seems to have ignored getting enough focused damage on the RG to kill him - but your pets have AI that drops a lot of that damage onto rapidly respawning minions.


Pre ROS problem, 25 seasons and the only thing the Devs did to fix this was give Necro a target attack with skelies.

This problem with pet AI and leashing is old and never, and I mean never going to be addressed.

Clan Vuudoo, on the original D3 forums literally wrote a post Doc (get it :rofl:) on the topic with dozens of well thought out fixes that were ignored…


You need to keep them infested. Untill every thing has the effect, it dosen’t mater what you attack. I now it’s tricky and annoyeing, but doable.

What is wrong with playing a witchdoctor why do you have to

and you call us toxic and hateful and bullies


Well, in order to see what is wrong with playing a witchdoctor, you simply have to ask the question what is good about playing a witchdoctor?

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As you have almost 23.5K elite kills on a single WD and 22% of your overall gameplay has been spent on a WD - as shown here - that seems like a question you ought to be qualified to answer yourself.


thanks for checking .

i see you almost exclusively play barb. you must lack a ton of game mechanic knowledge involving everything except ww barb.

have you ever even gotten wd to 70?

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don’t forget his 12 other accounts

Is the answer “big scary spiders”?

Tons of stuff. I barely play WD but when I do I find the class really fun over all. Speed, a million darts, spiders, chicken. All kinds of good stuff if you ask me.

Feel free to check out my profile, it’s sexy.

Witchdoctor is literally the worst class every season for 26 seasons. The only people who play witchdoctor are people who like to suffer and lose no matter how hard they try. Somebody at blizzard is either racist against the Aztec culture or they main a barb. Barbs are low iq meatheads that would have trouble balancing anything, let alone D3.

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I mean, walking past your subjective opinion, accusations of racism and rather confusing personal attacks against people who enjoy playing certain classes in a game, I still have to call you out on something:

Spirit Barrage WD was a monster for season 23 and I had a ton of fun playing it in both solo and group. Beyond my own subjective opinion on how fun it was, it was highly effective as proven by how easy it was for WD’s to group that season and how far we could push GR’s.


Do you even play this game?

Witchdoctor had the LOWEST solo clear in season 23. LITERALLY THE WORST CLASS, and you’re here telling us how great that season was for witchdoctors.


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Did you play the Spirit Barrage WD? I did for over 100 hours and yeah, it was fun. It was also extremely powerful, blowing up trash and elites left and right.

You reference the leader boards when all I spoke of was solo and group play.

I would HAPPILY play the worst leader board class if it’s fun in solo and groups.

Again, did you actually play the class? Or do you make these declarative statements based on looking at the leader boards with no actual personal experience?

‘Do you play this game?’ is a silly question. 30 second peek at my profile shows my account para over 3k and my current season over 2k. That didn’t happen by accident.

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yah real powerful, lowest Gr clear class. so strong being the weakest. makes so much sense there, buddy. you’re a real genious.

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Actually sir, it is you who is the genius and I bow to it. Engaging with you in the first place shows how foolish I am.

The real sign that I am out of my depth is talking with someone who will ignore 85% of what is said, twist it around and reply in a way that fits their world view.

As such, you can never be wrong in your own mind and we’ve already discussed how people who believe they are always right are the real heroes of this world.

Take care there man.

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not even like 5th worst or even 6th worst class. literally the worst class of all, and you called it the best season the witchdoctor ever had. haha


maybe if i post about how the sky is blue, you trolls are so desperate you’ll try and rebut that as well. clowns.

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Is WD the weakest class currently? Most definitely yes. Do I want it to be buffed up to the level of other classes? Obviously yes. Does the lack of power compared to other classes make it a useless and a bad class to play? Absolutely not, claiming otherwise would be moronic.

Just because something has fallen behind in power doesn’t make it useless. WD has many fun builds.