Yo big respect to ceo Bobby Kotick

People should be hired by best candidate.

Most are hired by who you know, not qualifications. Many jobs are not even posted for public applications.

You are already not competing against an even playing field.

EVERYONE should be even, but until companies post every job and don’t dole them out to connections, it won’t be that way.

Just making that change would, over time, diversify the talent pool with great qualified people. Instead of mediocre connections.

Why should you even be fighting over scraps instead of having access to the whole job pool fairly?


I hear ya on that.
In fact many people don’t know, but we run at a personal loss for quite some time before we really pay ourselves properly. :+1:

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Well, it makes sense. Women don’t usually get into coding. Society says big companies have to hire more women. So men go to work in dresses and declare themselves women. Now they still have biological men in the workplace and they’re considered women. Biological women lose again.

But if you were to hire based on talent, none of this gender stuff would matter, and the powers that be wouldn’t have the ability to divide society on made up stuff. Careful there!


It kind of comes in-between personal liberty, and how you would like to run you business.
The scraps are how we plebs eat, unfortunate as it is.
We can’t trust the table masters to fix it for us.
We have to build businesses of our own, and act accordingly if we want to see something that invokes a personal want or need for change.

I find that there are many times where a “loss” becomes a “gain” simply to preserve your name in the game. That doesn’t mean to turn your belly to every “you guys suck” scenario. There is an equilibrium that needs to be attained and kept on a constant balance. People that don’t run a business or are in a higher position don’t understand that (and apparently, neither does Blizz). Constant communication keeps a “Karen” from going nuclear. Sure, they are going to be pissed off, but if my employees keep them up to date with events, they will be less likely to give a bad review or lambast who ever picks up the phone.

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Speaking of, we got an update today on the Global Database issue.

Looks like they are changing the structure to focus more on local for second to second and separate the feed up to the Global? If I understand right.

There will be a PTR.


Personally, if this happens, no to D4.
I was skeptical anyways, since they make crap now.
But these virtue signalling rich a-holes, don’t deserve another penny.
Bobby is a clown, and the rest are not much better.
Blizzard as a company is in it’s death throws now.


Idc if they hire a shoe just fix the game ya nit wits

Yep keep living in ur fairytale, you don’t know how dumb u sound.

Like u have something to stand on?

When it comes to hiring, this is not the “universally” right thing, it is pacifying the pressure groups, the media who are out for blood and neutralise the speculators who try to make a killing. If that was your household, your company, your business, your family, you would not associate/recruit/promote on those terms (non binary, female, racial, religious etc) but on talent and preference. It does not matter who you are hiring, a plumber, a car mechanic, a surgeon to operate on you - you do it on merit and do not care about ticking boxes.

When it comes to harassment I have never seen it in my 35+ years of working in small and very large companies, tens of thousands employees in each building. You get more “harassed” with sh–ty bosses that behave horribly, but it’s got nothing to do with sex race or religion, it’s go to do with some manager being a complete tosser and needing to be fired once the subordinates speak up. Playing the race/religion/sex card smells of greed and speculation.

its not real diversity if everybody thinks the same way


Why is this a thing? They should be picked in terms of what they can do not in how they look nor what they think they are.

How do you keep a company running when you are only hiring on what they think they are and how they look but not on what they can do??


How is it any better to go from sexual harassment to a policy of purposeful discrimination by race and gender? That is terrible. Want respect? Hire those that deserve the job!


id rather hire a plumber thats a sexist, racist, homophobe, atheist that can actually do the job, than hire a non binary, pink haired, obese weirdo that got hired because of the DIE cult (diversity, inclusivity, equity)

Fight me!


Don’t agree with you here. Not the job market I worked for 55 years.

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Mostly what he said I liked.
The zero tolerance I did not like. It will have unintended consequences.

The company is a train wreck. Having the bright idea to invest in women and non-binary employees instead of talent is where the problem lies. Stop harassing women, keep your dongle in your pants. This isn’t about who you hire in the future, its about who you had in the past.



20 characters and such

I disagree to an extent. I have had many jobs that hired me based on my experience and qualifications. I ran my own business, and I can guarantee you that none of the positions with my company went to friends or family or buddies. My business was hard, and you needed to know what you were doing, So I hired based on qualifications. Interestingly enough I never had to worry about meeting standards, as I had pretty much everyone from every background, color, or sex. They just had to know how to do the job.

I’m sure there are places like that, but I haven’t seen it as a “standard” in my life. I have seen it, so I won’t say it doesn’t exist. I’ve worked at other places where Joe’s cousin got hired. And it usually ends up being just as bad as if they hired someone because they were a certain color, or had certain things not dangling between their legs.

I watched my son leave a job he loved because of horrible management. And that manager was the sister of the manager of another store who got her the job, and she got her friend the supervisor job. and it was a horrible experience for him, and he quit.

But 4 months later the store collapsed, and the regional manager had to come in and fire everyone. Smaller businesses do not survive long when someone is hired because they’re family, and they don’t survive long when they’re hired because of color or race or sex.

Big companies can trundle along with this silliness because they usually are big enough that they have someone along the way that knows what they are doing and keeps the company alive. Like Blizzard…big activision money allows them to make crap like current WoW and Warcrap rebroken and get away with it.

So…I suppose if a company is just going to be stupid, they might as well spread the stupidity equally and fairly. But it’s a bit generalizing to assume everyone who runs a business is stupid.


So basically stop hiring on merit altogether? Seems like a smart choice that’s worked for tons of companies. Reminds me of the GitHub conference they cancelled because it was overwhelmingly “white and male”.

Even though all the speakers were chosen in a blind “pick” solely based on how good their work was. What could go wrong

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