What time do you think ladder start

So we got the start date 28April
But what time does it go live.
Is it like LoD Ladder resets?
is it like D3 season starts?

5PM Pacific is my guess.

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Worst time for Eu players

Well, there are solutions to that, if D2:R ladder is that important… :slight_smile:

Shortly after midnight.

i hope not. Eu Always get the bad time with D2 Ladders :slight_smile:

LOL well like honestly, it will start shortly after midnight and before 11:59pm :smiley:

No, it could be 11:59 pm the dot!

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11:59:59! Troll properly :smiley:

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The end of the night eastern lol probably 8-9 pm lol. They start ladder and go home for the day

They mentioned this before and said since the servers are now global, the time of launch will have to be so at least 2 out of the 3 regions (NA/EU/ASIA) start at a somewhat decent time. I did not look to find where I read that but it was mentioned by the devs before, and its also the same reason why D2R launched at a certain time.

My bet is they keep their word or way of thinking and the Ladder will start around 5-6 PM In Central Europe, around noon in the “US region” and Asia its somewhere around 10 or 11 PM at night.

This is so no region starts at like 3 or 4 AM in the morning.

NA gets to play around noon so they can take half a day off and play the rest of the day and at night. EU gets to play around 5 PM as mentioned so “after work/school etc” and Asia gets to start one or two hours before midnight.

It is their way of compromising so no region is shafted as mentioned above.

Thursday Ladder Launches are designed to give devs/server folks an extra day to react to issues before the Weekend starts. The “NA Noon launch” also gives Devs/server operators which are in NA basically all day to react to issues. The thinking is that dedicated Ladder Folks which intent to “compete” on the “Ladder” will take time off to play anyways, and for casuals it doesn’t matter at what time or day the ladder starts.

The Ladder start times also have an impact on server stability and population. Server load will start of with heavy presence from Europe, ramping presence from NA and reduced presence from Asia due to launch time. Asia then falls off significantly, Europe load begins to die down while NA is at its peak. By the time NA will die down, Asia will ramp up, followed by Europe etc and it repeats.

The truth is that the vast majority are casuals and newcomers play only for a limited time at launch, as kids and casuals want to go to sleep around or well before midnight. The rest are people that have been playing D2 for decades and play for 24-72 hours non stop or with a small break in between at best. It has always been like that.


Thx for a perfect post to my Quistion…

Noon in Eastern US = 4am in Eastern Australia, 2am in Western Australia, and 3am in Eastern Asia (Seoul) but I guess we don’t matter.

Edit: I see now it’s 10am in Eastern Australia. Perfect.