Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.4 | Ladder Now Live

  • When targeting an enemy with Whirlwind, the Barbarian will move to the initial position of the enemy - it will not track them as they move
  • Whirlwind will be performed even when targeting adjacent enemies (used to perform a basic attack)

Best part of the patch. Tho i dont think that fix whirl wind bigest problem, thats good to see some improvement


What? Link me that info i never seen these.

New Feature - Legacy Graphics Emulation

‘Glide’ emulates the hardware accelerated backend of the original legacy game with bilinear filtering

this seems to be new too



Document updated for proper time and date releases. The ladder will release simultaneously world wide at 5pm Pacific on Thursday April 28th. Obviously if you don’t live on the west coast of the US, you will have to adjust for your time zone and date.

Ladder Launch Timing:

North America April 28 at 5PM PDT
Europe April 29 at 2AM CEST
Asia April 29 at 9AM KST

My version that I think I got right.

Date Time
Pacific (LA) Thurs April 28th 5pm
Central (Chicago) Thurs April 28th 7pm
Eastern (NY) Thurs April 28th 8pm
CEST (Paris) Fri April 29th 2am
KST (Seoul) Fri April 29th 9am
Sidney, AUS Fri April 29th 10am

Reference tool for anyone who needs to convert to a different time and date.


Called it!


Game lobby fix is missing? It was on PTR so we can see more games. Very important.

Area85 elite density info is missing.


It’s time, my body is ready.


Yeah, hopefully this is gonna be implemented, but they forgot to put it in the notes.


If it will not be ladder start will be failure.

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Europe April 29 at 2AM CEST

I hoped this was not the case.
2 at night is so crap imo…
always been this way in Ladder reset. i hoped they would not use the same times in D2R

Well, with the game being Global with a single Global ladder they have opted to do the same thing they did with Game Release. It all happens at one time which is based on US West Coast time (adjusted to your Region).

Kind of the reality of a Global game/ladder.

D3 is set up the way you prefer where each Region and Ladder is separate so the times are different and set up for evening in each Region.


It’s not in the patch notes, but I hope they fixed the game list to show ALL games.


Yeah, and maybe bring categories like PVP, trade, questing, farming.


Theres also a modding update? Nice

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Oh yeah!
When can we buy more character slots/stash tabs/attach more D2R licenses on the same Blizzard account?
Desperately need this feature if I am to keep my friends and manage my loot better.

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Amazing patch, fixed tons of bugs, nice balances and even something for modders!

But I’m kinda sad that Raise Skeleton got no love :frowning:

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It looks like they won’t be single-player, offline either. Unless they forgot to put it in the notes

I thought there wouldn’t be any limitations for single-player anymore, but if they said they’re like the old ladder-only runewords, then there probably won’t be.

You can have as many bnet accounts and game licenses as you want. You can launch multiple d2r clients on the same machine if you use VMs.

So let me get this straight…

With D2R they made it possible to use Ladder-only runewords in Single Player without a mod and then with Patch 2.4 they undid that by making new Ladder-only runewords?

You really are some kind of special, Blizzard!