Vote for Summoner Druid

We need to make our voices heard,
We need to show that Summoner Druid if they dont allow us to have multiple summons out or make them “If we put more basic skills to increase the summon number of Spirit wolf or Dire wolf so at least to have like 8 Dire wolves active and not just 3, OR to have an option when reaches 20 pure skills and not from +all skills to give the option of multi summon them with another pack or bear”

Seeing youtubers admiting as well that isnt much and wont make any difference if it stays as it is. While necro is the jack fo all trades.

So plz leave outside the arguments and IF you agree with us plz vote for this. Is the only way our voice to be heard.


Druids definitely need more summons available at the same time. Not only would this make them viable it’s just a fun mechanic to play with! I was actually looking forward to playing a summon druid until I saw the lacklustre changes to them.

Restrict the use of all summons to druids that have invested a lot in the summon tree if needed.


They need to be careful. Allowing to summon all animals will make wind druid OP in PvP.

The buffs to summon druid need to come with heavy investment in summon tree, so you can’t use them as a wind druid with 1 point in each summon.

So more wolves/bears with hard skill points invested (trough synergies) are fine.
Default ability to summon all types of beasts with just 1 point in each is not ok.


I see nothing wrong with this suggestion here. If you want multiple summons, tie them to spending hard points in the summon tree thus making sure that you either have to go full summon for all your pets, or if you wish to dual spec you can only have 1 or 2 summon types out.

I don’t PVP so I won’t speculate on how that would affect it, but I think that’s a reasonable balance to shoot for for PvM.


Necro can do it already with Revives in all specs but besides that ,this is why i said to invest points and then to increase the numbers of summons. And not to put 1 and to have 10 wolves for example. this way a summoner Druid will stick as Summoner and not as Wind or Fire or anything else beside Summoner!

And thank you for the support. We really need it,


Lets say +10 from skill, what to you want with an 34-40 damage and 450 life wolf as wind druid?

If you want to play wolves you need 20 in dire as main, 20 in spirit for immunes, 20 in grizzly as damage synergy, and 20 heart of the wolverine as aura. Now i would call that heavy investment. Theres not really space for elemental skills anymore.

And then you should atleast! be able to run a set of wolves and the bear at the same time imho.


Wind Druids use Bear as a tank only, So his point is a bit fair Thats why i suggested to let us increase the number of summons the more pure points we invest to the tree,

And plz in general dont argue or something. we need to vote so we can be heared… plz


I vote for big Druid buffs. I always wanted to play a Summon dr00d but it’s just not worth the time and resources atm imo


They use them as summon stack so they can’t be targeted by a lot of skills in PvP.
5 spirit wolves are already pretty strong for this purpose.
And compared to necromancer, druid can summon from thin air, don’t need corpses.

That being said, I definately agree that pure summon druid is still not viable after the 2.4 changes.

So my idea for improvements:
I think they could buff the damage of all summons, as that won’t matter much for PvP windy who only use them as meat shield. So even 100% more overal damage should be reasonable.
Bear could also have some aoe attack.

About the number of summons, I imagine they could give some ‘beast limit’ that increases with hard points invested in wolves and bears.
You have total 60 points for wolves and bear, so let’s say you get +1 beast limit for every 2 points spent in these skills, up to maximum 30.
Then make bear reserve 10 points, spirit wolf 2 points and dire wolf 3 points.
You can mix the wolves and bears as you want to fill the beast limit. You can have 3 bears, or 1 bear, 4 dire wolves, 4 spirit wolves, etc…


They could at LEAST give the bear and see how it goes from there.

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not sure i understand you guy

you want to make the druid like a necromancer ?

druid summons suppose to be only a shield because the druid him self make dps compare the necro not

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Except you can invest 60 points into summons and just end up with a “shield”. If you invest heavily into the tree it should be capable of something more than that.

The current design basically just rewards investing in a single summon, mainly the grizzley since it give the damage bonus.


Bear + Spirit or Dire (choose one) would be cool. I don’t think he should be able to have both types of wolves.


I Fully support Bear + wolves summoned at the same time. Do you also mean being able to summon both types of wolves together too? If so, I support that as well.

And I just want to throw this in here; I also want barb to smash pots, barrels, and other breakables with leap so simple and minor. Yet super awesome. Reason being, it’s hard for slow kill speed barb to farm in Tal Rasha’s Tombs because there are tons of monsters and no room to fight without getting them out of the way first!


totally disagree,
Druid summoner tree isnt a hybrid which doesnt work but it is a whole tree which is weak to the bone,. Necro has another identity with 40+ minions + iron golem which gives an aura/item plus the aura from act2 merc = 2 auras, Curses and the most broken skills which is Corpse explosion.

Summoner Druid isnt necro who revives dead minions but nature summoner and as i said is a pure tree, If it is meant to be support then make it a proper support by removing wolves etc as they dont worth and whoever played it already knows it.
So plz if u dont agree with us, then move on from this topic cause clearly you dont know and try to argue and we care to vote for it to make it viable spec as it suppose to be and not just a shadow yet again for like 20y


Simple fix, maxing a summon allows you to summon those alongside of another pet. If you max both wolves and bear, you can have all 3 out.


I like that as well OR if htey let us only 1 summon type then as i said above, the more pure points we invest to summon with a max or 8 dire wolves for example. this will fix a lot

Should go to ptr suggestion section for this

WTH? they are not supposed to be anything but summons, it’s the built that gives them purpose. Spent 1 to 20 points for an shield, but if you pump 100 points for skills and synergies and auras and support they gotto rock!


dude calm down no need to be emotionally involved and toxic , im only asking question , i just say how the druid play in diablo 2 for the last 21 year , you need to understand necro need dead body to summon , not druid in this game . mean this will maybe cause a issue spamming this on someone in pvp or druid will shield himself with so many minion , you need to understand some player are good to make troll build and break the game , personally i like a lot the Shepherd Druid
this is what the summoning page is , but i`m afraid how you will summon or spam powerfull companion with fcr compare necro have the restrictions of a dead body you can not spamm them , but i like very much the idea :+1:

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