Upgrading Set Items bugged or ladder only?

So the horadric cube recipes for the set item upgrades are clearly stated in the patch notes no where does it say the recipes are ladder only. Or at least I must be blind if I missed it. Because I went over the notes for several hours first to make the patch notes video.

Then again during live stream.

I couldn’t find any reference to the set item upgrades being ladder only so if they are I guess just disregard the entire post lol.

But during live I tried to upgrade several set items and had other people try to and got nothing.

Are the set upgrade recipes bugged?

Or are they just ladder only and no one mentioned it?


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Just read the patch notes. That’s not difficult and solves your problem.

Just double checked the notes and it does say ladder exclusive now.

However I double checked my video goin going over the patch notes and it DID NOT SAY LADDER EXCLUSIVE EARLIER.

You can clearly see me going over the horadric cube recipes at 1:07:08 and it does not say ladder exclusive.

Now it does

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Yeah, this was an added “feature” post live on posting the notes. All ladder only stuff currently works Offline, but not on non-ladder. The runewords were expected, the set items were not.

Also to note, they fixed the issue with upping the Hwanin Bill, but seen a post last night that other set items such as Arctic Bow, were not displaying proper level requirement, just like in PTR.

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You have been right sry. They changed the text a few times. Ridiculous.

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They also left in the original ladder start times :joy:

Confirming to everyone ladder for delayed.

It was originally scheduled for March 31st/April 1st

Natalyas soul still can’t be or has anyone got it to work in ladder?