Cant upgrade set items

so just tried upgrading my aldurs boots and it wont take in the cube tried a bunch of other sets but cant get them to work.

Update… so just happen to catch that new cube recipes are ladder exclusive… really disappointed with this. also noticed it was not originally stated when they first put patch notes out look at icy-veins forums topic 65349-diablo-2-patch-24-final-notes


Well that’s no good. I want to up my Aldurs jagged star to devil star. I put a Jah and 2x Ohm in it… hopefully they fix


Same issue here. Trying to upgrade my chest piece is a lost cause at the moment

i have tried multiple items that i know should be able to upgrade set wise and it wont so. i feel yea all

Where is this posted? I’m a little annoyed because I spent a lot of time getting set items and it wasn’t widely shared. I’d quit playing, but they already got my money.

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While unclear, it is possible that the set upgrading could be a Ladder-Exclusive thing. Upgrading these worked in the PTR.

click on the patch notes on the front page the one with diablo and says diablo 2.4 now live
on blizzard app under diablo 2 and scroll till you hit
new horadric cube recipes. its the very first line stated and i do agree with you undercrown i dont recall hearing anything about it being ladder exclusive

They changed it - in the video linked above in another post it wasnt stated to be ladder only, and now it is - literally changed in last day

and it SUCKS.

ladder is for competition or fresh economy reset imo, most ppl have no use for either but blizz incentivize it by attaching other things ppl want into it to get ppl to make new characters - WITHOUT giving new character slots - and everyone who is not competitive or has been working slowly to build their wealth does not want to start over in ladder so this marketing trick to attach things to it that dont actually have anything to do with requiring economy reset or racing to top 100 is so…cheap.

Blizz has a habit of trying to make things time sensitive to force ppl to “jump on the opportunity” even though it incentivizes things they dont want to do just to get the actual cool thing…ugh

ladder should be for those that want ladder, not for new runewords or new cube recipes - that has nothing to do with ladder, those are updates to the base game and deserve to be in the base game including the non ladder modes - no one is going to argue with this except ppl who are afraid enough ppl wont do ladder anymore…but that tells u everything u need to know about ladder

make set items part of the base game blizz, not part of ladder.


I don’t know why blizzard has to be such trash and limiting people to “ladder only”… because once the ladder is over the items get kicked out into your normal inventory. anyways. Is this their only way to “reward” people for playing ladder? I mean I only play HC… which much more strenuous than ladder… because you die you lose everything. and have to start from scratch anyways… People who do ladder will always do ladder… they did it before there was any “rewards” like this. I really don’t see the appeal of ladder anyways… because once it’s over you go back to what?.. normal… then you’ll have to delete you character anyways after so many ladder seasons… it’s things like this that make me stop playing this game… well and all blizzard games because they do asinine things.