UPDATE: PezRadar Blue Post on Ladder PTR - Expected to start next week

We all hope and pray for but most of us know it will never go away…ugh!


And they are correct. The “common cold” just added a new member to the family.

We did our best to slow it down, attempting to keep hospitals from being overflowed more than what they were.

It evolved into a less dangerous but more transmissible form… Just like many viruses in the cold family.

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it never was dangerous to begin with…

You sir are a complete idiot.

Oh how surprising the blizzard shill also is a government brainwashed tool.
How about you look up the actual facts and statistics huh. Corona never changed it always was like it is now. You just fell for the fearmongering.

Thanks for taking away our freedoms and destroying the world economy. Just know when millions worldwide start living in poverty and dying of hunger that people like you are responsible for it by being too ignorant, lazy, cowardly and dumb to look up some statistics…

Your ancestors and everybody in the history books we see as heroes are spinning in their graves for what you did.

So you are a scientist or work in medicine? Guess not little stupid kid.

You moron haven’t been on intense care stations in the last 2 years. Saying a virus that causes fatal cases isn’t dangerous is as stupid as flat earthers saying you shall join their community all around the globe…

But you have already proven that you are a moron many times in this forum

You think you have to be a scientist or work in medicine to read numbers released by the CDC and WHO? XD XD

Exactly the type of ignorance Im talking about. Just know you will be held responsible for the people dying of hunger soon. We wont forget, neither will god.

Why is this the only forum in the world where we cant block users blizz? I dont like being disgusting with such ignorant people time and time again I never want to see another post from Odin.

COVID is pretty offtopic guys

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So you say because it didn’t kill 90% of population it isn’t dangerous? I hope you get covid with heavy symptoms moron

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its no use trying to explain to people if they havent learned after 2 full years.
You will drown in your own ignorance and then be thrown into hell for what you;ve done.
People like you disgust me so much Im done here.

rofl, talking about hell and god… shouldn’t waste my time with delusional people like you.

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