UPDATE: PezRadar Blue Post on Ladder PTR - Expected to start next week

Drat. My idea won’t work.

No. That would involve me giving money to blizzard. Curious where your redundant questions are going

Ah, I’m assuming that you have plenty of experience remastering 22 year old games… :nerd_face:

Why aren’t you working at Blizzard maaaan? This could have all been avoided! It’s YOUR FAULT!!! :laughing:


I checked online and discovered that I can use someone’s battetag to gift their battlenet balance. I assume that you played $50 or thereabouts for D2R. If you got your money back so that you could use it for another Blizzard product that is functionally equivalent to getting a D2R refund.

You can defend Blizzard on one issue and then condemn them on another. It is not only one or the other. Blizzard deserves condemnation for the corporate culture. They deserve condemnation for a series of poor launches. However, they do deserve praise where it is warranted.

I will defend Blizzard or criticize the critics when the condemnation seems unwarranted or too extreme in vitriol.

Your statement confirms that you knew that Blizzard was not going to have ladder at launch but earlier you said that you were led to believe that ladder would be at launch. If this was a deal-breaker, you could have cancelled your pre-order with a full refund.

ok, quit defending them then? same thing.

and when they first announced, they said we would be able to race in the ladder, that was a thing they said, only after they realized it wouldn’t be feasible did they back peddle and say it wouldn’t be on release. so please. stop defending them (patting them on the back)…

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Pretty sure I only paid $40 and if you are offering to pay me the $40 save your money. This isn’t about the money it’s a pure principle battle

Poor analogy/example, but it was a decent attempt! Try to come up with something better than apples to oranges, and I’ll be happy to answer.

I don’t know anyone who is defending or rationalizing to the extreme, though the adults in the room are certainly more understanding of the situation. Still appreciate your trolling btw, you’re pretty good at it! Keeps getting us to reply to your idiocies, and keeps us entertained :wink: but hey, I thought your time had ended and you had other things to do today, what happened? Didn’t expect you back so much and so soon!

Had to take a long poop

So the link for the current PTR information is below.

Diablo II: Resurrected | PTR 2.4 Overview Thread (Latest Update - 2/25/2022) - PTR Feedback - Diablo 2 Resurrected Forums (blizzard.com)

I would like to see someone in the game development industry try to justify the time it takes blizzard to patch any of their games since 2001; That would be hilarious. the justifications used to work when Blizz was the big kid on the block.

Its not like the quality is above and beyond, and requires substantial development time…Blizzard products are not what they once were, the evidence of that is in the $$. its just laziness and lack of devoted resources. This was a “fire and forget” product.

That said, we buy the games…we sign up for it.

tl;dr basement developers put out better content, faster. Too bad we are all dirty d2 addicts.


@ PezRadar
so when will we get extra character slots then? So, you know, we can actually play ladder without having to delete everything we worked for so far?


No matter how hard you try, it won’t make you green, it just makes you look pathetic.

Hmm…actually no because this is a remaster not a new game, on top of that apparently this is the BEST remaster game sold that Blizzard has released so far.

No one can ever be accurate on how many copies they will be selling for their products. All the server capacities are based on an estimation and prepared ahead of time, not during the moment they release the game, and it isn’t like you can just purchase additional server space over amazon, and have them delivered the next day.

They also have to take into consideration of how many people would just play for 1 month or two and quit. As the hype dies down the capacity needed will usually be less and that’s the true capacity the game needed. If they just purchase tons of servers just for the first few months hype then they have just wasted tons of money on buying servers that will not be used in years to come.

This isn’t how business works


I’m pretty upset that they won’t tell us about the clone changes, because we could already sent feedback on it. Maybe it’s even more garbage than the soj method, so they wouldn’t waste time on it…

It might be garbage but I cant imagine something more garbage than the current one, i guess any other method is a better one than that, so im looking forward to this

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Don’t underestimate Blizzard…

example of a worse method:
sell 5-30 sojs to spawn a clone in a single game

I hope they don’t return back too much with the changes. Would be a mistake imho

Well and it was never about server capacity anyway. The issues they had at launch were related to how the regional databases were writing to the global database. It was never something they could have fixed by simply throwing more hardware at it.


So like… May…