Time to uninstall Diablo II: Resurrected and wait a few weeks to install it again

I’m so frustrating about this company, things are going very slow.
This game have too many bugs. Please put it back to beta.

Everytime I try to join a game It says I have no Internet connections.
After I’m lucky to get inside, and try to join a new one after a while I get same error message. It isn’t weird people are frustrating?

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That is not what it says. That is part of the temp limiting of rapid game creation to keep the antique database code from crashing while the fix it.

You can read about it in the main pinned post.

What we are doing about it:

Rate limiting: We are limiting the number of operations to the database around creating and joining games, and we know this is being felt by a lot of you. For example, for those of you doing Pindleskin runs, you’ll be in and out of a game and creating a new one within 20 seconds. In this case, you will be rate limited at a point. When this occurs, the error message will say there is an issue communicating with game servers: :point_right: this is not an indicator that game servers are down in this particular instance, it just means you have been rate limited to reduce load temporarily on the database, in the interest of keeping the game running. We can assure you this is just mitigation for now–we do not see this as a long-term fix.

It’s true, we paid them to access a beta test for D2R, they say it has been released, but it really hasn’t been. Give it another 6 months and the game may finally be in a good enough state to launch.

The game works fine. Wait 10 seconds to join a game. Quit crying like a 15 year old girl who just got dumped.

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You can’t actually have written that in good faith, unless you’re delusional. I say that objectively and with only love in my heart for you. I will pray for you now.

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Dude, I waited couple of minutes. Not only a few seconds. I wouldn’t complain If it happened just a few seconds but I waited much longer.

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