The controller auto loot fix

I understand there’s a controller auto Loot abuse going on. I’m sure blizzard will find a good way to fix that abuse,



I haven’t seen any of this before! Thanks for the information. :smiley_cat:

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What is the issue going on? I haven’t played with anyone else yet, just my husband and I.

There is no such thing as abuse controller auto loot. It’s not auto loot either. You still need to be close to the item and FACING it.

It’s like saying that FPS players are abusing accurate aim for using mouse to aim while controller players have much less accuracy with it.

Use the tools that work best for you, but stop crying and asking to nerf other tools.

Controller is simply better in this game. Not just the loot.


Controllers don’t have to click on item text to loot, they can loot items in an area around the character just by pressing Cross/A button. They can also loot items before the item drops off a boss and lands on the ground showing the text.

Basically players stand near the boss, spam the Cross/A button and autoloot before anyone can even see the items to click on.


There is nothing to fix. It works as it should.
Besides… it’s not all flowers either. If the floor is already full of loot, controller has a much harder time trying to pick up one specific item than a mouse does. Controller is fast to loot up everything, but if the inventory gets full of trash, you might miss an important loot.


When Blizzard releases a patch to fix controllers then I will reply to this message to remind you of the time you were wrong.

I have bookmarked this page.


Great! I can see what I said it’s all you will be thinking about from now on.

Oh, that’s… interesting.

My husband and I, generally obviously, just loot what we want and then share. I guess I never worried about speed since we were already sharing.

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I saw one suggestion was add a delay or something. At least let the items hit the ground first then they can spam the button

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Ploot is the way!?! :smiling_imp:


Please add optional Personal Loot. its a good solution and people who dant it only want to steal and tell other people how to play. Go to classic.
Its prooved to be a good solution as any other ARPGs out there has it nowadays.


Yes, that was a point in our discussion based on POE personal loot system which reserves items for some seconds till other can grab it.

But that would not work for baal etc …

And controller is - with some downside - muich better in this game. Downsides are: targeting, clicking specific items on ground, accuraccy


There is, fix AoE loot. Disable that ;).

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No ploot. No reserving items Until others can grab it. This is not the right way to fix this.

Why are controllers allowed to pick up items mid air, and mouse players can only pick up items when items hit the ground. How is that fair?

The fix is Simple. Controllers can only pick up Items when items actually hit the ground.


This is the right way and it is the state of the art in game design nowadays and thats right and nobody complains (or even realizes it). you should accept reality and stop stealing other peoples loot! wheen i drop a JAH rune i dont want others to steal it! I hate this griefing and stealing everwhere!

This thread is just another example for that. This is a new game where inherent problems will be solved and thats it. i’m really over with this “block every improvement” topic.

This is no fix this is “controllers get nothing” because cant target items.

personal Loot fixes several things and this is the reason its state of the art:

  • Bots/Pickit/cheater
  • Stealing
  • Lagging
  • Balance
  • (Frustration)
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I would love to have ploot. I will not pug this game ever with the current loot system or any version of shared loot.


The stealing loot idea is part of this game. It has been apart of The game since Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. When Diablo 3 happened , then They moved to ploot. This is a remaster of d2, don’t dare change the loot system. I been playing d2 since patch 1.0, how long have you been playing for?

The fix is simple, let controllers pick up/spam pick up items when they hit the ground, this way it’s equal fairness to mouse players that can also pickup when items hit the ground.

Diablo 2 and 1 is built on the fact there is free for all loot. Why you think Diablo 2 is Still being Played 20 years later? One of the reasons is free for all loot online play.

I been playing d2 since patch 1.0, every veteran like me would agree with NO PLOOT. How long have you been playing d2 for?

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THERE IS NOT AUTO LOOTING ANYTHING…how stupid can individuals be to the point that they blame their failures on something that doesn’t exist, its blows my mind. there is literally no auto loot abuse, its literally easier to loot with a mouse than controller and if you dont understand that then you havent tried a controller therefore you have no clue what you are talking about. again, i repeat for the billionth time, it is EASIER to loot with mouse by left click spamming than pounding the A button or X depending on controller. holy baby jesus, there is literally no auto loot function, no auto loot code, no auto loot trick, abuse,program there is literally nothing but your failure

Please…a controller user can loot ALL the boss drops items before a m/k user even sees the items hit the ground and moves the mouse. Yes, it’s not “auto loot” you are right about that…but it might as well be when it’s controller vs m/k for boss drop loot, lol.

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