Still 2 months away from ladder?

PTR has officially ended. We’d like to give thanks for everyone playing, testing, and sharing feedback throughout this PTR. Stay tuned for updates on more testing regarding ladder in the coming weeks.

Several weeks until we even get Ladder PTR?

Then several weeks of Ladder PTR.

Then several weeks til 2.4 launch.

Then several weeks until Ladder launch.

That will put ladder launch 6-7 months after D2R launch. Yikes.

So much for “soon after launch”.


it just gets more and more pathetic


The post just before say a week or so… I know the ‘’ in the coming weeks’’ is plural but the PTR 2.4 including the server PTR was 4 weeks… 6-7 months, I doubt, I will guess 2 months, 3 max. 2 weeks preparation next PTR+ 2 weeks Ladder PTR + 2 weeks preparation for the launch + 2 weeks 2.4 no ladder and them ladder.

And I am disappointed, but I rather wainting for the launch them waiting because server are crashing like when they launched the game

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Complaining about it now wont change anything. They start ladder when they rdy or when they feel like it. They prolly even try time it so it doesnt start to close to d3 season or poe.


This has been a fun beta, I cannot wait for the launch!


They are incompetent, there is no justification. they are disgusting and they don’t care about us at all


I wish they would just start the ladder…I dont care about the 2.4 content…take your time, then have ladder 2 when 2.4 is ready.


I don’t want to judge the DEV works but I think they are defenitely killing the ladder hype.


It will start in April as leaked after all.
The ladder that was mentioned at the beginning of the year was just a sales gimmick.


not interested in ladder at all
just keep improving graphics and fix bugs
that’s enough to me


New Poe season has me saying why even bother this game is several patches away from even being playable! This is the starter and noob friendly ARPG basic runs and fake pvp! POE is just simply light years ahead and I don’t need forum gold! Time to leave this dead easy mode ARPG alone! It had a chance to be great but purist failed the game again! Enjoy your basic noob friendly game none of you could even handle Poe let alone d3 end game

My new favorite D2R Copypasta. (Taken from Reddit)

I have some HIGHLY ILLEGAL information to share. Trust me, my dad works for Buzzard. As you know, the PTR has ended. The D2R Dev team now requires 2 weeks of watching MrLlama streams to see if the changes have been approved. In late February, the D2R Ladder PTR will launch. As announced, this will also include more balance changes. One of the changes is a slight buff to the Sorceress ability Telekinesis. This will require extensive testing, so I encourage you to grab your friends and login to test it. The D2R Dev team will then need to write a scientific research paper regarding this change, and it will take time for it to be peer-reviewed by scientists around the world. Once it’s published, they’ll be one step closer to launching the Ladder. Now, this is where we get the hairy ball rolling. Once the Ladder PTR has concluded, the D2R Dev team will require another 2 weeks of watching MrLlama streams. If he sees his shadow, the Ladder will be delayed another 2 weeks. Once the changes have been approved, patch 2.4 will go Live. As announced by PezRadar on 9gag, the Ladder will NOT launch with patch 2.4, but several weeks after.

LOL, that has to be a joke. But if the scientist around the world is going to give their input, we are all doomed

While I hate waiting, I’m pretty tired of half baked launches. Lobby was mainly my issue with D2R but whatever is taking them time all I ask is it comes out functioning. Whatever time frame that takes.

Did I expect better, yes, but it is what it is and while updates will come it won’t be in poe speeds so if that’s an expectation then you will be perpetually disappointed.

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Go back to Poe, thank you for spending 60 bucks just to do asvertisement

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PoE is pretty good but I feel like the game has gotten a bit out of control with the amount of currencies and builds 1 shotting 5 screens worth of mobs.

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This would have been the logical thing to do.

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Dying light just released
Lost ark tomorrow I believe.

You know the drill

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I think this game was rushed to release, and they felt the backlash from that decision. They are now taking their time to avoid repeating the same mistake.

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So they will now take backlash for killing the hype and the game eventually with turtle speed updates.
There was also thing they said about ladders resets taking less time to happen while we might see classic d2 reset happen twice and we wont even see sorting feature implemented into the d2r yet.