Still 2 months away from ladder?

They already have our money. I don’t think they care one bit being prompt with ladder start. My guess is that 2.4 will come in April, with ladder start by May.

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Yep, indeed! They promised Ladder ‘soon’ after launch. Battle-net fixes and starting Ladder should have been their top priority!! Updates like 2.4 could have waited for season 2, or even 3… the changes shouldn’t have caused the Ladder delay.

This was a horrible decision! Too much at once; delaying the Ladder further and making the changes probably too quickly.

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WC3 still doesn’t have any features they promised years ago so I wouldn’t put it past them

They probably use the 2.4 PTR to test the new database server stability. To test stability you need traffic, what better way to get traffic than creating few changes and making people log in log out to test them, and the way they do it, you have to log in log out a lot because you need to gear them too lol.

If they had only done a PTR database and ladder, the testing would have been less valuable, pretty sure the few changes on skill did bring extra traffic for better testing and hopefully, good stability when they finally release the ladder.